Chris Carter

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The study of Black & White photography including the Ansel Adams Zone System is the foundation for my growth as a painter.  In the mid sixties I transformed the family kitchen into a darkroom after the sun went down.  On weekends I sculpted with Waylande Gregory.  After two years at a commercial art school I transferred to Massachusetts College of Art to major in Painting while continuing to study photography and sculpting independently.

For the next thirty years I paid bills with architectural renderings, paintings, teaching, as well as dozens of odd jobs.  In 2004 I began painting dancers and musicians during live performances and jams.  The spontaneous painting in the dark led to stronger studio paintings.     

The interweaving of patterns created by movement is the common thread that runs through all my work whether it be abstract, realistic or impressionistic.  The patterns might be created by sound waves or light waves set in motion by wind, water, physical action or emotion.  Each painting offers the suggestion of the moment just missed and the moment yet to come.  It offers the viewer the opportunity to become part of the moment still happening.

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