Jinghua Dalia

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I began my art study at the age of nine with my father, Gao Yi-hung (1907-1982), who was a leading Chinese artist and the calligraphy master to Chiang Kai-shek’s son, Chiang Ching-guo, the President of the Republic of China. I also had the unique opportunity to study with some of China’s most outstanding watercolorists.

I received a Fine Arts degree from National Taiwan Normal University and studied in the graduate art program at the University of Hawaii

My paintings have been exhibited at Lincoln Center and the Soho Art Museum, New York; the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; Bower Museum, California; Currier Museum of Art, NH.; and the DeCordova Museum, MA.

At the Copley Society of Boston MA., the oldest art society in the U.S., I was the first Chinese artist to be honored with both a solo exhibition and a Masters Workshop program in 2003.

My art work is frequently featured in various news media. My paintings have been widely exhibited and awarded in prestigious venues and collected internationally for over three decades.

My art book is published by The Taiwan Commercial Press in 2014. There are 100 images, 100 poems and 100 birds' monologues, total 232 pages.

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