Karen Hargett

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Karen Hargett is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Texas. She has always had a natural desire to create and has been involved in arts and crafts most of her life. It was in her 40’s when she began riding horses that the heart of her talent revealed itself. Her love for her horse, the demands of an excellent horse trainer, and the deep satisfaction of “getting it right” at the end of a hard day of training became a driving force in her art. She became passionate with her graphite drawings and pastel paintings in “getting it right.”

With people and animals she feels that it is most important to capture what the eyes reveal – “that is what makes a painting come alive.”

While Karen is passionate about painting animals, she feels a special connection with each and every painting. Whether it is a pet, a person, wildlife, landscapes or a still life she enjoys using her God given talent in bringing it to life.

Karen’s paintings and drawings can be found in collectors’ homes, not only across the United States, but from Australia to Scotland as well. You may keep up with Karen on her blog and be sure to check out her website as well.

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