Terri Buchholz

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From an early age, I planned to be an artist.  I completed two years at art school before life took a detour and I became a nurse, a move that surprised no one more than myself.  My love for art and excitement in observing what others were doing continued however, and I continued to draw and paint at least a little while managing my home, my job, and most rewarding, raising my son. 

A few years ago, I began painting again with a renewed energy and inspiration and started tightening up my skills by attending a couple of workshops.  I'm now inspired by meeting so many people who have, like me, set aside their passion for painting to answer other responsibilities but never gave up on a dream of pursuing their art.  Although (almost 40 years later) I'm still working full time as a nurse, I see a time in the very near future when I can say I've done that enough - now I plan to be an artist.

My interest and subject matter is representational, and primarily figurative and portraiture.  I live in Indiana with my husband and our attitudinal cat, Kitty Pie.

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