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Charlene Marsh
Charlene Marsh

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My name is Charlene Marsh and I am an oil painter

creating artworks that make the heart sing and the soul soar!

I love to backpack the painting supplies deep into the forest and other wild places
to paint on location in all four seasons. You cannot drive to the places where I paint.

I create artwork that raises the chi of our living spaces and brings joy into our lives. The artwork I create connects us with beautiful, wild, and not-so-wild spaces in nature and helps us reconnect with our inner soul.

Nature - and the paintings - help us to think, meditate, pray, and dream.

In addition to maintaining a studio and gallery on my property at the edge of Yellowwood State Forest in Brown County, Indiana, and selling my paintings online, I exhibit and sell at national art shows. My paintings are in museum, corporate, and private collections throughout the USA as well as Italy, England, Germany, Canada, Thailand, and the Dutch Caribbean.

Born and raised in Muncie, Indiana, I graduated from Muncie Burris Laboratory School, a fabulous small school with only fifty kids in my graduating class. Afterwards, I attended Ball State University in Muncie for a couple of years and then went on to graduate from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana with degrees in Fine Arts and English.

After a stint of traveling and living in different parts of the USA, I decided I liked the rolling, wooded hills of rural, southern Indiana better than any other place I had tried and bought my farm in Brown County, Indiana in 1987, which serves as my home base, and have lived here ever since, working as a full time artist.

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Happy Trails!