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Elizabeth Elgin
Elizabeth Elgin

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Welcome to my gallery of paintings.

I love to paint! Period. Although I won the annual art award my senior year in high school (long long ago), "life" got in the way of my pursuing an art career. When I turned 60 I just decided to start; to learn as best I could. I am a member of the "It's never to late to start club". Thank goodness for the internet - so many wonderful art videos available.

I work in oils and acrylics depending upon how I feel the subject would best be rendered, and haven't settled on a particular subject matter or style. Painting what catches my eye and appeals to me keeps me motivated to see a painting through to the end, whether it's an animal portrait, still life or landscapes. I tend to be drawn to painting animals and still lifes at the moment, but want to explore more skyscapes and waterscapes.

If you wish to commission either a pet portrait or any other subject, visit my website or send me an e-mail!