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Faith is a self-taught artist. At the start, she worked exclusively in pencil and charcoal, creating realistic and lifelike portraits.

Inspired by the Daily Painting Movement, she took on the challenge of creating a small painting a day with her usual style of realism. From the time she completed her first daily painting, Faith has grown to love working in oils as much as in pencil. And for one year since she started, she was able to continuously paint every single day. Her subjects range from simple objects found at home to fruits, flowers and landscapes.

"By painting in a realistic style and paying close attention to detail, I am able to celebrate and preserve moments, faces, the simple things in life, and at the same time, my mood and emotions with it. I truly enjoy being an artist and I invite you to share a part of my world through my paintings."

Faith lives in Manila, Philippines. More of her paintings and drawings may be found on her blog and website. Her artworks are in private collections in the US, Canada and Asia.



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