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Ferran Llagostera
Ferran Llagostera

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Since I can remember I have always had love and skill for drawing, painting and creating art. Someone calls it a gift and I think you are born with something already taught.As an adult I entered the social dynamics of what touches do when you get older and I was steeped in the frantic world of work to be somebody tomorrow. For many years I did not touch a pen, or a brush for inability to use a minute of my day to day.Reached maturity and seeing everything from another perspective is when I decide to start dancing again with everyday moments away creativity to let go of my hands and my feeling. What had to be my hobby is gaining ground and has become a life form already built into me.Through this page I want to show what I do and have done in the different techniques and facets.I believe that the artist should do and create art for himself, focusing its concerns, feelings, emotions in his work, fleeing trade projections but also by showing and displaying to convey to the viewer the subtle perception of feelings and emotions, justwatching and observing.This is my main aim.


. School of Arts and Crafts Applied, Llotja of Barcelona 1984.
. Training Course Arterapia 2008.
. Oil painting and drawing Workshop Maño 1995-2000.
. Seminars anthroposophic sculpture. Engraving techniques. Escola d'art de Sant Cugat, 2008-2009-2010.

. Mixed painting techniques. Escola d'Art de Sant Cugat 2010-2011.
. Workshop Els Pins 2012-2013.
. Training watercolor Workshop Joan Coch, Sabadell 2014-2015.


- Collective Exhibition Center Obra Social La Caixa 1990. - Art Therapy Workshop Gallecs, duration 1year 2008.- School-workshop Maño Oil Painting 1995-2000.- Group exhibition -Engraving-. Casalet Valldoreix in April 2011. - Group exhibition -Watercolor-. Club Sant Cugat Muntanyenc in June 2011. - Deutsche Bank Group exhibition -Oil painting- December 2011. - School Architecture and drawing workshop Els Pins 2011-2012. - Collective exhibition Color and figure. Espai Terra Dolça 1-30 June 2010. - Pencil Exhibition "Nu" Casal de Cultura de Sant Cugat. 12-2011. - Deutsche Bank Group exhibition Firart 15/12/11 to 15/01/12. - Group exhibition Firart "Bestiari" Casal de Cultura de Sant Cugat 2013. - Group exhibition Firart "Llum" Casal de Cultura de Sant Cugat 12 -2015. - Collective exhibition Christmas 2016 "Col.lectiva d'Art" of Small Format in the Gallery Blanca by Erai. Sant Cugat 12-2016. - Next step.. Individual exhibition "Moments d'Art" in the Gallery Blanca by Erai in Sant Cugat del Vallés. -Barcelona- from 11 March until 22 April 2017.