Kara K. Bigda

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As long as she can remember, Kara's always loved to draw and paint. Upon graduating from Amherst College with a fine arts degree in the midst of a recession, finding a job in a creative field proved to be quite challenging and thus began a serendipitous career in the insurance industry. Although continuing to draw or paint in her spare time, Kara finally reached the decision that she needed to find a more creative profession. Upon receiving her M.Ed. she became an art teacher for ten years. "While I appreciate all I learned throughout my formal education in art, I believe it was my years teaching that taught me the most about art. My students and colleagues never ceased to amaze me with their talent and insight. I was constantly inspired."

In June 2008, with the support of her husband Dan, Kara once again decided to embark on yet another journey and resigned from teaching to pursue her own artistic endeavors.  "While my style and skills are ever-evolving, my interest in finding the beauty in everyday objects and places, as well as a drive to improve my techniques stays constant. In the midst of this journey I hope that my paintings will bring people the same joy that I have had in creating them.  Thank you for taking the time to look."

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