Kristen Dukat

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I was raised in rural New Hampshire, where I was surrounded by nature's art everyday in the form of the mountains, the ocean, and the landscape.  I joined the Navy at age 21 and served as a Hospital Corpsman during the Gulf war in 1991-1994. After my service,  I went back to school on the GI Bill and completed my degree in Art Education. Much of my work is inspired by my hometown, everyday life, and images of the military in action. I began my daily painting quest on New Year's Eve 2010.    My hope is through the act of daily painting, I will develop my own personal style, and perhaps make a few friends along the way....(Added note, After more than 3 years of painting almost every day, my style is still evolving, but I am happy to explore the styles and  teachings of other artists who selflessly share through blogs and workshops.)  I have been blessed to study with the following artists, who have all impacted my style in different ways:  Qiang Huong, Carol Marine, Kyle Martin, Dreama Tolle Perry, Monica Edgerton Sperry, George Hughes, Mary-Jane Erard, and Peggy Kroll Roberts. I have made incredible lifelong friends on my journey and I hope our paths cross in the "real" world someday!  

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