Pam Van Londen

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My latest work is a set of canyon, forest, river, and valley dreamscapes in oil or acrylic on Ampersand Claybord panels with a bit of sgraffito.  The technique for these latest works use layered transparent brush strokes and simple compositions to result in a watercolor-like image, but with oils or acrylics. The clay surface makes this possible, as the drying time is less than it would be on a gesso panel; the paint soaks into the clay surface much like a fresco. The images are rendered quickly with as few brush strokes as possible and the alizarin crimson underpainting shows through; keeping colors vibrant. 

I’ve been an artist since age 12. I paint the visual patterns and dance of light found in everyday or spectacular scenery provides inspiration for paintings created en plain air. At other times, it is juxtaposed memories that create a composition worth recording. In these instances, thought-provoking emotions are laid down with inventive colors, acute angles, obvious brush strokes, impasto textures, and feminine lines.

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