Vicki Wood

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I paint in my spare time in-between my "real" job and grad school. I am surrounded by family, dogs, horses and a few cats scattered around (mostly all rescue) in north Mississippi. My small farm is situated at the edge of the vast flat delta lands where the flatness turns into wooded rolling hills, all in a small farming community. These surroundings are oft-times reflected in my paintings.

I enjoy watercolors, gouache (opaque watercolor), and open acrylics. I use brushes and sometimes just palette knives. Mostly, I am partial to watercolors and find the flow of color and water somewhat magical. I have been fortunate and my paintings have found homes across this country and a few have landed in other countries. I have been part of gallery exhibits and my work has enjoyed some press coverage.
Notes on some animal pieces:
Many paintings are of rescue animals. I have written stories about many of these critters & these stories are on my blog posted in February & June 2012.
Notes on watercolor paintings:
Watercolor paintings have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, Fabriano was making paper as far back as 1264 and was said to be "used and highly praised by Michelangelo". Like other fine art, watercolors do not need to be displayed in direct sunlight.

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