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Michael William

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Izzy on Oriental Rug (no.134)
Media:  oil on masonite panel
Genre:  Animals
Size: 5x7 in
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Ending Time:
Oct 28, 2016 8:00 PM  (CDT) 
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Visit the Artist's...

Visit the Artist's: Gallery | Website | Facebook

Artist's Notes

Artist's Notes:

I see this scene or one similar to it multiple times a day while walking through the kitchen to and from my studio, so at this point it feels like a significant part of my daily life and I attempted to capture it. If you are a full-time artist working from home and you do not have a cat, I highly suggest you get one to keep the cabin fever from completely driving you nuts. Not all cats will make a difference, but luckily Izzy is charismatic and vocal enough to help me stave off the feeling that I'm completely isolated during the day (I've told myself that when I start talking to her and she talks back, it's time to consider getting out more). She is always a great model because she barely moves and I particularly enjoyed painting the white tufts of fur illuminated by the afternoon light. The two rugs underneath her in this scene also seemed to blend seamlessly with her natural aura of elegance.

Izzy on Oriental Rug in no.134 of my ongoing Small Works series. It's painted using high quality oils on a 5" x 7" x 1 1/2"" cradled masonite panel with picture wire attached and coated with a gloss varnish to protect from dirt and dust. Please note that colors in the painting may vary depending on the calibration of your monitor. All of my paintings come with
free shipping within the US and can be returned within 14 days if not satisfied, with shipping paid for by buyer. I also offer international shipping - check to see what rates will apply for your location. Buyer is responsible for any additional charges (i.e. duties and taxes or any other charges at customs). Also I can not be responsible for any delays at customs and buyer will not be able to track package once it is outside of the US.


_Michael William

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