Orange Slice Demo Video w/ Voice Over


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Category:   Demo
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
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In this ArtByte I demonstrate painting oranges slices. I've sped up the video just a little - enough so you won't get bored, but not so much that you can't see what I'm doing. I've also included a shot of my palette so you can see which colors I'm mixing.

The video is divided into 4 parts, each about 7 1/2 minutes long. I've recorded a voice-over where I explain what I'm doing and why for the entire process.


Carole Rogers
Sat Mar 31, 02018 7:04 AM

"Another wonderful demo. I love the way we can see the mixes on the palette and how they touch each other in each colour group. Also the amount of concentration and care that goes into each stroke. This is full of very helpful information again so many thanks from one Carole to another!"
Dave Tuni
Thu Jun 23, 02016 11:11 AM

"Very good. I would also like to see a tutorial like this for one of Carol's house or city paintings."
Dipali Rabadiya
Thu Mar 5, 02015 3:36 PM

"Very well done.. Thank you for sharing. loved it and hope to see more soon."
Donna James
Mon Nov 17, 02014 8:15 AM

"Thanks for the clear instruction and your informative description of your "island" and "ocean" painting method. I learned so much from this ArtByte and it led me to buy your new book, DAILY PAINTING. Great information for any artist, beginning or experienced! Bless you for taking the time to share with us."
Stephen Thompson
Fri Sep 26, 02014 8:41 AM

"Thanks Carol! Excellent job. So glad to see the process. I agree with Adam let's see more."
Adam Breakey
Wed Mar 19, 02014 10:45 AM

"This is an amazing teaching demo. Carol breaks down her process into simple steps, teaching at a pace that is perfect. I watched the lesson through once, then painted along side her during my second viewing. My results, while they fall well short of Carol's amazing results, are inspiring to me.

Now -- can we get a lesson on cherries and a lesson on apples as well?

A++ Carol. This is exactly what an ArtByte should be."
Julie Maples
Sat Nov 30, 02013 11:50 AM

"This was such an informative demo! More more more please!!!! I have learned so much from Carol!
Fabrizio Esposito
Wed Mar 13, 02013 3:29 AM

Kristin Brown
Sat Jan 26, 02013 2:53 PM

"Nice. I'm used to painting people from life (which is great for a big classroom and a complete pain in my small apartment), but I've found myself struggling with setting up still lifes, lighting them, etc. I found this AB particularly useful in terms of reducing objects down to their most basic components. Plus, just seeing your overall process was super interesting."
Ellie Boyd
Wed Jan 16, 02013 10:26 PM

"This was an extremely logical, well-organized demo and excellent commentary. Worth every penny.
Ellie Boyd"
Nora MacPhail
Fri Jan 11, 02013 6:09 PM

"Lots of great and important information that can easily be applied to watercolour as well!"
Joke Klootwijk
Tue Nov 20, 02012 10:49 AM

"Finale somebody who's telling me how to use a palette.
Great ArtByte so Much info!!"
Judith Madsen
Fri Nov 16, 02012 9:34 AM

"Learning about the reds & yellows was worth gold!"
Donna Weathers
Wed Nov 14, 02012 1:33 PM

"Excellent demo!"
Helen Cooper
Tue Nov 13, 02012 11:48 PM

"Wonderful an informative as usual! Thank you!"