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Category:   Informational
Media:   Not Media Specific
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   No
Has a Peer
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This ArtByte explains exactly what an ArtByte is, where they can be found, and how to buy one or add a free one to your Library.

It also covers how to open and close an ArtByte and how to navigate between pages, enlarge the images and use the video controls.

ArtBytes are easy and fun to use. Enjoy!


Carol Ras
Wed Aug 13, 02014 7:36 AM

"Looking forward!"
Teresa Cobb
Fri Jan 17, 02014 1:51 PM

"LOVE ArtBytes! Great way to share with other artists."
Priyanka Lakhan
Thu Apr 25, 02013 4:53 AM

Maren Morris
Fri Dec 14, 02012 12:14 PM

"Thank you so much for making this information available. Carol Marine's workshops are full and wait-listed, so having material from her is a wonderful gift."
Anja Essler
Mon Apr 9, 02012 6:22 AM

"What a great idea! So absolutely interesting for all us European guys who will - probably and unfortunately - not have the chance to attend one of your workshops. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
Karen Meredith
Mon Mar 5, 02012 5:46 PM

"I have now watched practically all of these first Artbytes and loved them all! I suppose when you add all this up it's a lot compared to a book but cheap compared to a workshop. They are well laid out and all the information is very understandable. Many tips are not totally new to me but the ones that are will be invaluable. Thanks for doing this!"
Johanne Mangi
Fri Mar 2, 02012 3:39 PM

"It's as if you are sitting on my shoulder. It's all coming back to me. Reliving your workshop. It's all there except the smack at the back of the head. (just kidding!)"
Eman Shaker
Thu Mar 1, 02012 9:12 AM

"nice work"
Denise Cerro
Thu Mar 1, 02012 8:40 AM

"Brilliant! Not only are you one of my very favorite painters...but you're mastering the age of technology with getting your art out there in so many creative ways!
Can't wait to take advantage and be inspired by all this great information...all in the comfort of my very own home!
Thank you!"
Barbara Pask
Wed Feb 29, 02012 11:00 PM

"I really enjoyed this Carol, lots of useful info."
Nancy Standlee
Wed Feb 29, 02012 11:00 PM

"I will be taking advantageous of your Art Bytes and love the idea. Great job, David and Carol."
Diane Klock
Wed Feb 29, 02012 4:12 PM

"What a fabulous and helpful tool this will be. I joined DPW less than a week ago and am so thrilled to be part of this community. Looking forward to checking out the new ArtBytes asap. Thanks !"
Sam Hannaway
Wed Feb 29, 02012 3:41 PM

"Outstanding! Fun and easy to access so much info. Can't wait for more. Thanks so much for building this."
Jill Bates
Wed Feb 29, 02012 2:47 PM

"This is a great idea!!"