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Category:   Materials
Media:   Acrylic
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   No
Has a Peer
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How I work with acrylics and the supplies and equipment I use today is the result of studying the systems used by many other acrylic artists and, of course, by trial and error to learn what suits my personal preferences. I am pleased to be able to share my approach with you, as others have done with me.

9 pages and 26 images.

Table of Contents:

1. Studio Set-Up
2. Easels
3. Palette
4. Acrylic Paint and Mediums
5. Brushes
6. Edges, Shapers and Surfaces
7. Saws
8. Drying and Viewing
9. Bio and Links


Angela Goodhart
Thu Apr 2, 02020 8:15 PM

"Very interesting tour of your studio! Loved seeing your set-up."
Karen Hancock
Tue Jul 23, 02019 8:36 AM

"Thank you for taking the time to share so much useful information."
Marilyn McRobert
Sat Jul 20, 02019 2:20 PM

"Thank you for sharing."
angela autrey
Tue Jul 24, 02018 12:15 PM

"Thank you for sharing!"
Bego Lopez
Thu Dec 28, 02017 9:15 AM

"I like so much! Thank you!!"
selena dixon
Thu Jun 30, 02016 6:34 AM

"Might be the most informative lesson on practical information ever made! Wish I had a teacher like this years ago!"
Judi Pheiffer
Mon Jan 25, 02016 9:04 PM

"Thank you for sharing so much valuable information. Look forward to more of your Artbytes."
Mia Hinchey
Sat Mar 8, 02014 10:43 AM

"I am just blown away that you have shared all this great info! You have re-inspired an artist that was lost in "lack of confidence" land (me). I plan on continuing to follow & READ your blog and I really look forward to more of your Artbytes. Thank you so very much!"
Dolores Holt
Fri Jul 26, 02013 11:19 AM

"This is full of so much helpful information. Thanks, Brian"
patricia godbout
Fri Mar 8, 02013 2:08 PM

"Thank you for sharing you information, I really like the idea of the clear cover for the sta wet palette as I often get mold -yuck! I have tried a little peroxide on the sponge mixed with water but I hate using bleach of any kind."
Nancy Roberts
Wed Dec 26, 02012 12:59 AM

"Good, solid information. Inspiring!"
Meredith Adler
Thu Dec 6, 02012 11:53 AM

"Thank you so much for preparing this ArtByte for us. How wonderful to find info specific to acrylics! You presented lots of great ideas and gave me lots to think about."
Judith Jewer
Sun Dec 2, 02012 6:11 PM

"Thanks for sharing your studio set up! I think it well presented and very informative!"
Torrie Smiley
Fri Nov 30, 02012 12:27 PM

"Loved the information. Thank you!"
Mary Maxam
Wed Nov 21, 02012 10:27 PM

"Excellent and interesting information. Thank you!"
Donna MacDonald
Tue Nov 20, 02012 5:02 PM

Sheila Tansey
Tue Nov 20, 02012 4:26 PM

"I enjoyed your ArtByte Brian! You have some very interesting tips to share. Loved the idea of the wine rack for drying LOL! Love your work and I look forward to more Artbytes"
Barbara Craver
Tue Nov 20, 02012 1:45 PM

"Excellent, practical and useful information.
I love seeing acrylic information and I really love finding another artist's work in acrylic that I like.
I looked at Brian's blog and website and will be looking forward to more art bytes!
Thank you Brian and Art Bytes."
Randy Hayashi
Tue Nov 20, 02012 10:50 AM

"Great info Brian! I like the nuts and bolts of it. Thanks for taking the time share that info."
Lauren Nelson
Tue Nov 20, 02012 10:22 AM

"Took me a minute to figure out what you meant by edges with the photo of the window squeegee and square, but when it dawned on me I thought 'Genius'!! I almost threw one out yesterday. Another wonderful tool in my arsenal."
Evelyn Oldroyd
Tue Nov 20, 02012 12:22 AM

"Great studio info! Thank you"