Orange and Blue - I Love You


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Category:   Techniques
Media:   Other
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
Has a Peer
Critique Page:  
An alcohol ink movie demo of a Little Dreamer (which are my 4x4's on yupo in my DPW Gallery) using complements: Orange and Blue.


1) Orange and blue beside each other - for eye-catching color vibration
2) Orange and blue mixed to neutralize - pleasing harmony, glorious, created neutrals.

Includes 5 pages with 13-minute video of 6-8 paintings using same orange and blue.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction with video
2. Materials List with links
3. Color Wheel Overview
4. Working with Complementary Colors
5. Bio and Links


Laurie Henry
Tue Mar 28, 02017 9:56 AM

"Unique process. I may have to try inks one day. Your artwork is beautiful."
Margret Heyn
Sun Mar 26, 02017 4:49 AM

"Thank you for this informative and inspiring demo. It is the best one I've seen."
Irina Collister
Thu Jul 7, 02016 6:03 PM

"Very interesting! It's like a magic when colors flowing create fantastic images! Love this demo."
Peg Hardin
Sun Aug 23, 02015 2:48 PM

"Beautiful results."
Susan Mackenzie
Sun Mar 1, 02015 1:51 AM

"Very inspirational. I'm off to dig out some ink bottles I know I have somewhere. Don't know what Yupo paper is but will experiment with what I have.
Carol Simmons
Wed Feb 4, 02015 12:04 PM

"I bought some Yupo paper and didn't know what to do with it. I look forward to trying your technique. Thanks!"
Taffy Rosik
Fri Dec 12, 02014 1:44 AM

"Thank you June, I just discovered this tutorial. I am so inspired .....I love your voice too. Totally amazing.......I can't wait to get all of the supplies and try this."
Elizabeth Elgin
Tue Jul 1, 02014 8:01 AM

"thank you! I can't wait to try this!"
Suzanne DeMasters
Thu Apr 24, 02014 10:58 AM

"This was wonderful and so inspiring. June, thank you for giving me a head start!"
Padma Hamilton
Mon Oct 21, 02013 9:50 PM

"Thanks for sharing this little inspiration gem!"
Eva Macie
Fri Sep 13, 02013 3:28 PM

"I have been in a slump for the past month. This video perked me up! I can't wait to try this. Thank you so much, June! You are a great teacher and muse :O)"
Brenda Smith
Fri Dec 7, 02012 1:26 PM

"Thank you for sharing your fascinating dreams aping process! June, you create stunning and inspiring works of art!"
Yevgenia Watts
Sat Nov 24, 02012 4:02 PM

"Fascinating, thank you for sharing!"
Michelle Hudson
Fri Nov 23, 02012 7:35 AM

"Thank you for sharing!
Susan Crouch
Tue Nov 20, 02012 2:09 PM

"Such an inspiring and informative tutorial! So beautiful to watch a "Little Dreamer" come to life... Thanks, June!"
Donna Holdsworth
Mon Nov 19, 02012 6:14 PM

"Thank you June for the wonderful tutorial . It was nice of you to share the process of your stunning dreamscapes!"