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Category:   Materials
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   No
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Most brands of water mixable oil paints are the same artists grade paints as the regular oil paint that those same manufacturers produce. I have been working with them for over five years and have tried all available brands of paints and thier mediums.

In this ArtByte, I discuss why I have chosen to work with them and share my experience, my studio set up, and the equipment and supplies I prefer to use.

Includes 6 pages and 14 images.


Bego Lopez
Thu Dec 28, 02017 9:11 AM

"Very interesting! Thank you so much!"
Mary Hughes
Sun Dec 4, 02016 9:42 AM

"I agree with what was said here and find that having someone confirm what I think is helpful. I've learned some things here too. Very well done!"
robert ebernickle
Thu Apr 7, 02016 10:06 AM

"very helpful, this has confirmed y use of wmo's are not a waste of time. thank you for sharing your experience with wmo."
pamela kish
Sun Jan 17, 02016 4:58 PM

"This was so helpful. Thank you. I am about to start my first experience with who. And don't know what you mean by "oiling up" to regain shine. Does it just mean painting over what you have done? I meant w
After mix able oils. Not who darn spellcheck. Love your paintings."
Jeanne Bruneau
Wed Nov 11, 02015 4:10 PM

"Very informative--thanks for sharing your knowledge."
Margaret Hayslip
Sun Oct 4, 02015 8:17 PM

"I switched from watercolor to water-mixable oils. Having never used traditional oils and sensitive to solvents, I am happy and find that WMOs offer some of the properties and characteristics of both oils and watercolors. Thank you for giving an overview about this medium."
Andrea Lavery
Sun Oct 4, 02015 6:43 AM

"Thank you for the great overview. WMOs are wonderful. As a person with asthma and allergies they are a godsend and have allowed me to paint without suffering with the smells and unhealthy side affects from using regular oils. Not to mention the easy clean-up benefits.
Love you art by the way!"
Shelly Parchman
Sun Jun 14, 02015 11:07 PM

"Very helpful and thanks for sharing your recommendations."
Susan Mackenzie
Sun Mar 1, 02015 1:21 PM

"I knew it! WMOs are great. I've been using them for a wee while now and so happy that they are being advocated by such a talented artist as Brian Buckrell. Thanks for this very helpful ArtByte!"
Jackie Irvine
Fri Feb 20, 02015 4:37 PM

"Very good overview of water-based oils, I tried the Lucas brand once at a workshop, they were fantastic. I have been using acrylics for years and am very glad I watched your artbyte. There is a lot of negative feedback out there about this new media."
Carol Simmons
Tue Feb 3, 02015 4:53 PM

"I switched from traditional oils the WMO after finding that I could no longer stand the smell of mineral spirits. You have confirmed what I have also discovered - there are few or no differences between traditional and WMO. Thank for showing us your setup."
Kathy Calhoun
Thu Jan 29, 02015 8:44 PM

"Have experienced the same nose-in-the-air attitude as well with WMO but I am very much enjoying painting with them on panel and watercolor paper with an acrylic underpainting. Thank you so much for sharing all your insight and experience"
Zoong Nguyen
Sat Nov 22, 02014 7:01 PM

"Wonderful detailed tips. Thank you,"
M Shahrin B Shaari
Sun Jan 26, 02014 7:34 PM

"It's just a very kind attitude to write and share such experience to all of us..artists whose seek fair opinion upon WMO scepticism.."
Dietmar Stiller
Wed Jan 15, 02014 2:39 AM

"Thanks for cleaning up the prejudices against WMOs. A helpful ArtByte."
Jacqueline Price
Tue May 7, 02013 5:04 PM

"Really good overview."
John Simlett
Thu Mar 14, 02013 3:20 PM

"For someone who hasn't painted before (I'm pen & Ink) this was a godsend.

Today I posed the question to my blogging buddies, "What's the story on WMO?"
Within the hour I bumped into your ArtByte which tells me all I wanted to know - I shall certainly give them a go.

Thanks very much for this, it's really appreciated"
Roseanne Campagna
Fri Jan 18, 02013 7:10 PM

"Helpful review... thanks"
Jennie De Groot
Tue Jan 1, 02013 7:28 PM

"What a great overview! I have been curious about them but have been concerned about quality....and you have laid that concern to rest. I have to be very careful about my use of solvents because my septic system at the studio is a grey water system that tolerates no solvents or oil in the system! I end up washing brushes etc in a bucket and throwing it on a piece of sad looking turf outside...not really environmentally friendly. So many workshops and art studios refuse the use of solvents now anyway and don't even get me started on travelling with oil paints by air...Thank you ! I look forward to your next tutorial"
Melisa McCurley
Fri Dec 14, 02012 9:24 AM

"There are so many prejudices in art. It's a bit ridiculous. Everyone will have their own personal preferences but that doesn't make one medium better than another. This was very informative. I look forward to more from you."