My Acrylic Plein Air Set-Up


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Category:   Materials
Media:   Acrylic
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   No
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I have spent the past six years painting plein air with acrylics. I have gone through a series of set-ups and have finally settled in the past year on the one I like best. I'm happy to share my equipment "journey" with you and hope you learn some useful tips and tricks.

8 pages and 22 images. The table of contents includes:

1. In the Beginning
2. Progressing
3. Still Progressing
4. I Finally Figure Out What I Want
5. Working with the Alla Prima
6. Working Examples with the Alla Prima
7. Then One Day... an Art Box
8. Summary, Bio and Links


Sarah Peroutka
Mon Jun 12, 02017 12:57 PM

"I love your conversational style, sense of humor, and openly experimental method of discovery. The photos are good, and the narrative is well-written. I'm primarily a pastel artist--and believe me, we have our own set of plein air challenges--but I'm always curious about other mediums. Thank you."
Kristina Hess
Fri Jun 9, 02017 2:18 AM

"Thanks for your generosity! Loved it!"
Christi Patterson
Thu Oct 1, 02015 7:13 PM

"I like the the detailed information. I feel a little bit better about hauling a lot of stuff outdoors to do something relatively new, knowing that at least my equipment and supplies are correct."
Dan Weeks
Sun Apr 28, 02013 11:37 AM

"Thanks Brian for a great article - I really enjoy stalking the details of other artists rigs and always look for clues to make things easier - for instance those little metal clips that hold your water containers to the easel - where do they come from and how do they attach to the plastic?
As for easels and pochade boxes - the more the merrier! I love them!
The hand cart conversion is a beauty - I've got a large wheel travoy cart that attachs to my bicycle for day trips.
You are so organized and efficient, perhaps you will do an art byte on the interior of your RV and how you have modified it for painting tours.
BTW, great paintings!"
Margaret Bailey
Fri Jan 11, 02013 11:47 AM

"Thank you for all your information. As a artist I know it is hard to find the perfect plein air set-up. I have tried several and appreciate all the information on the different systems you have used."