Tools Needed for the Fracturing Technique


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Category:   Techniques
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
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Showing the different tools I use for my Fracturing Technique, from my easy to make, Handy Dandy Shaper/Squeegee, palette knife, brushes and some of the ways I use them.


Bego Lopez
Thu Dec 28, 02017 9:00 AM

"I like very much!!!"
Carole Rogers
Fri Nov 17, 02017 2:25 PM

"This looks like a really innovative way to paint and I love the results!"
Yvonne Snead
Mon Nov 21, 02016 8:26 PM

"Thanks for the great tips!"
Robie Benve
Fri Apr 22, 02016 11:36 AM

"Great art byte, love the visual examples of what each tool can do. Thanks!"
Donna Buttaccio
Fri Dec 6, 02013 3:11 PM

"Very interesting information and tips. I especially like your squeegee tool…I plan on going out to find one. Where does one find it? And where would I find a replacement squeegee? I will start at an Art Store and go from there….thank you!"
Steinunn Einarsdottir
Tue Feb 12, 02013 3:34 PM

"Thank you Julie."
Cathleen Perkins
Fri Feb 8, 02013 4:38 PM

My thanks, you are so generous to show all of this!
You are always so helpful to other artists!!
Roseanne Campagna
Fri Feb 8, 02013 3:05 PM

"Thanks Julie, I'm looking forward to the painting tutorial. Thanks for the materials information."
Twinkle Nelson
Thu Feb 7, 02013 6:36 AM

"Very useful info. Can't wait to make my own little squeegee and watch the video so I can try Julie's fracturing technique myself."
Kathleen Landreth
Wed Feb 6, 02013 6:20 PM

"Yeah! Love the review of tools and tutorial on how to make my own squeegee."
Bruce Bingham
Wed Feb 6, 02013 6:04 AM

"This was a great tutorial on different techniques you can get with a brush or a palette knife. Julie was very creative and invented her own squeegee tool. It encourages and inspires us to get more versatility out of the tools we have and come up with a unique approach of our own that excites us. Now I can't wait to watch her video and see her in action!"