Fracturing: How to Do It


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Category:   Techniques
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
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If you have ever wanted to paint in a looser way then this ArtByte video demonstration will help illustrate how easily it can be done.

In this ArtByte I will show you exactly how to use the fracturing technique I have developed. You will find it easy to learn and fun to do. The steps are clearly demonstrated with the video broken down into 5 labeled segments making it simple to follow and very easy to find particular areas of interest.

(Although the demo is shown using oil paints, much of this technique is also possible with acrylics using Slow Dry and a texture medium.)

Includes 5 video segments, totaling almost 25 minutes of step-by-step instruction.


Vicki Wilson
Wed Jun 2, 02021 10:33 PM

"I absolutely love this technique and Julie's beautiful art! I do have some experience painting with a palette knife, so this technique has intrigued me. Julie did a wonderful job explaining how to use the tools and more importantly, how to create your own style of fracturing. Thank you for sharing your amazing technique.
Vicki Jean Wilson"
Sandy Fleming
Wed May 15, 02019 8:54 AM

"I really enjoyed the artists voice while she was explaining the technique. I am excited to try what I have learned."
Nancy Mooney
Tue Feb 5, 02019 9:14 PM

"She is so talented and makes this technique so accessible."
Joan Eure
Thu Sep 13, 02018 10:00 AM

"I loved this so much. You made me feel at ease. I wish I could have seen your pallet. I am most certainly going to try this technique. I enjoyed your sharing with us your thought process as well."
Joseph Finlinson
Fri Dec 29, 02017 10:54 AM

"I really appreciate the calm, and reassuring tone taken with this tutorial. Julie was so unassuming and thoughtful. It was fantastic to hear what she was thinking about while painting.

Thanks for the great work and demonstration!"
Sheila Trunzo
Sun Nov 26, 02017 10:12 AM

"It helps so much to hear how an artist thinks as they paint and consider/reconsider. You are a natural teacher. Thank you, Julie, for making this video. Your work is full of vibrant marks, and charming color combinations."
Yvonne Snead
Sat Oct 14, 02017 7:14 AM

"Thank You so much Julie. You are so talented and you are a natural teacher, never doubt it! Great Class! 5 Stars only because thats all there is.

Thanks again and again! I love your work and you are a natural teacher!

Jacque Bernadette
Fri Aug 25, 02017 10:06 PM

"Wow! What an excellent video! I can't wait to try this. Very clearly understood; just want to experiment and get out of my 'tight' paintings and paint loosey goosey!"
Trudy Marsden
Sat Aug 19, 02017 12:38 PM

"Excellent, inspiring video. Well worth the money. Terrific artist, who doesn't need to (and shouldn't) sound so self-deprecating. You are a professional, why say you're not?!"
Julie Ford Oliver
Sat Jun 24, 02017 12:05 PM

"Hi Andrea, - don't give up! I love the little bit of fracturing you did with the humming bird background. The beauty of fracturing is you can do a little or a lot.
it introduces an element of looseness and texture which the eye is attracted to.
Andrea Jeris
Sun Jun 18, 02017 12:46 PM

"totally lost me on this."
Ken Burke
Sun May 28, 02017 11:13 AM

"Wonderful to watch as the painting comes to life. Fracturing saves one from the devilish urge to over-detail and kill the mystery and life of a work. Delightful, informative and inspiring! Please don't stop making ArtBytes."
Jody Scott Olson
Thu Mar 30, 02017 2:59 PM

"Enjoyable and helpful!"
Sandra Harmon
Thu Sep 15, 02016 5:31 PM

"What a wonderful video! I enjoyed this so much! The original painting is beautiful, but the fractured painting is incredibly interesting! Now, off to find the tools!

I'd sure like to know what kind of an easel you're using that could hold on to your painting so well!

Thank you so much, Julie!! You're a gifted teacher!"
LeAnne Avery
Sun Apr 17, 02016 7:54 AM

"Julie, what a great teacher you are, and I hope to use your fracturing technique to add interest to my paintings and help them loosen up a bit. Very inspiring and helpful!"
Nadia Louderback
Fri Jan 8, 02016 1:12 PM

"Very good video. Good teacher too. Wouldn't mind seeing some basic oil painting videos as well. I do like the impressionist feel and loose strokes. I may start by using the fracturing tool in my backgrounds. Thank you."
Vicky Christensen
Tue Dec 29, 02015 6:02 PM

"I really enjoyed watching Julie paint. She explained her process quite well, and watching her in real time helps you visualize how to implement her techniques."
Eleisa Martin
Thu Sep 17, 02015 7:36 PM

"I enjoyed the video and learned a lot. I do have one question for the artist but not sure how to ask her. Julie, after you fractured the paint, it seemed you painted right over the fracture. I would have thought you would paint on one side or the other. Would you mind explaining? I'd love more videos. Thank you for sharing."
Roseanne Campagna
Wed Jan 28, 02015 4:20 PM

"Hi Julie, Thanks for sharing this creative and intuitive process. Enjoyed it very much. Roseanne"
Leslie Miller
Tue Dec 2, 02014 5:04 PM

"wonderful tutorial, clear and concise"
Jane Hopkins
Tue Aug 5, 02014 2:14 PM

"Really enjoyed your video, and love your work. The fracturing sure does add interest. And you're excellent at teaching as well. Thank you, can't wait to try this!"
Carolyn Robbin
Tue Feb 18, 02014 6:38 PM

"Julie....your video instruction and presence is wonderful! Be proud, it was very easy to follow and I learned from it! Your finished painting was stunning! Make more videos!! Thank you so much."
Cindy Riordan
Tue Feb 4, 02014 9:19 AM

"Really enjoyed your videos and technique. Would love to see how this would apply to a different subject matter if possible in the future.

Thanks so much for recording your process and sharing with us :)"
Patti Mollica
Sat Jan 4, 02014 1:17 AM

"Excellent videos Julie--thanks so much!!"
Jim Haycock
Wed Jan 1, 02014 12:05 PM

"Terrific technique! I love the loose style so much, and that little squeegee looks like a gem of a tool! Julie is very modest in her own abilities, I sense. Her work is just wonderful! And, this little video is very nice, because she shows her "whoops" moments so nicely. (I love it when real artists paint like the rest of us sometimes...)
Worth every penny plus some!"
Brenda Gibbs
Thu Dec 26, 02013 10:23 AM

"This was very informative. I have been curious about your technique for awhile now. I love the paintings you've posted on DPW, and now have an idea how they are done. Love the squeegee tool!
Margaret Batcheler
Wed Oct 30, 02013 5:28 PM

"Wonderful technique. I would love to see more of your videos! This is my first introduction to Fracturing. Thank you for sharing your talent."
Sharlette White
Sun Jun 16, 02013 10:17 AM

"I was so excited to see this on your blog because I had asked about it so many times! The video is everything I would have expected it to be! You did a wonderful job of explaining the technique in a way that anyone at any skill level would be able to comprehend. I highly recommend this video, you will not be disappointed!"
Cheryl Kennedy
Mon Jun 3, 02013 4:30 PM

"I love this video! ArtBytes is the greatest invention since sliced bread! And Julie, please keep making these videos, you're the perfect teacher - friendly and informative with a healthy dash of self-deprecating honesty (which truly is encouraging!) Thank you, thank you!"
Denna Kadavy
Sat Apr 20, 02013 10:22 AM

"Wonderful ArtByte! I have admired your work since I have been a part of DailyPaintworks. Thank you so much for sharing your tech. I plan on going out and getting that rubber tool thing to use. I love all the color you use and the vast possibilities your tech encourages! I look forward to your next ArtByte."
Nancy Standlee
Thu Mar 21, 02013 8:01 PM

"Made my "Julie tool" tonight and watched the Art Byte and thoroughly enjoyed it. Someone else mentioned they would like to see the palette during the process and so would I and maybe in the next one (yes, we all would love another) maybe we can glimpse the palette. Thanks for an inspiring video and you have a lot of courage to give us a video in a short period of time but I'm so glad you did as it was a real treat for me. Bravo, Julie."
leah anderson
Mon Mar 18, 02013 11:21 AM

"I have to tell you that your the reason I came to ArtByte and I'm so glad I did... I applaud you for "putting yourself out there", and it's only because of people like you that the rest of us can become better! Rest assured, your openness, honesty and humility only ease our fears. Thank you so much!"
Jim Moyer
Wed Mar 13, 02013 9:19 AM

"A great video and I truly do look forward to your next videos, one on your normal knife and brush works and the other on more fracturing."
John Simlett
Tue Mar 5, 02013 7:36 AM

"I may be a non-painter (wash my mouth out) but that doesn't stop me being the #1 fan of Julie Ford Oliver.

This video even made sense to me, and Julie certainly took away the scary mysteries by her charming and friendly presentation.

In true expert fashion, she makes it look simple, which I expect it isn't ...BUT... I shall start painting soon using this 'advanced' technique. My philosophy is: I don't know how hard simple stuff is yet, so I'll do what I always do and jump straight in the deep-end. That's the confidence Julie brings with the video - you feel it is the perfect reference aid, and she is only an email away.

Thanks, Julie; truly brilliantly inspirational stuff!"
Audrey Hinsman
Fri Feb 22, 02013 11:35 AM

"Congratulations on doing this marvelous video. Not only is it informative but personable too. I felt like I was back in your studio taking your fun workshop. This is an interesting and unique technique which takes some practice. I'm so happy to have this video to refer back to as I explore fracturing in my own painting. You are a wonderful teacher, Julie!"
Tracey Mardon
Wed Feb 20, 02013 11:52 AM

"Wonderful video Julie, it got my mind whirring with possibilities! Thanks much!"
Anne Stickney
Sat Feb 16, 02013 10:16 PM

"So glad you finally got this up- I had been very curious to see how you did this technique. A very well done demo, clear and easy to follow- whoops and all! Hope you will do more Art Bytes in the future."
Diane Hoeptner
Wed Feb 13, 02013 7:53 PM

"Loved it! Julie Ford Oliver is a natural teacher who is able to both show and explain things in a way that is educational and inspirational. Especially interesting, her thoughts on having an "active surface" as a way of sustaining interest. I always wondered how she achieved the amazing textural quality in her paintings, she shows and explains her fracturing technique clearly. In between the "oopsie" moments and her encouragement to not get attached to initial paint applications--the demo painting makes amazing transformations. Highly recommended, very worthwhile!"
Kathleen Squires
Wed Feb 13, 02013 2:04 PM

"Great video, Julie. You did great, you look beautiful......viewing it is almost like being in your studio. I look forward to trying this soon."
Kay Dewar
Tue Feb 12, 02013 3:38 PM

"This is a great technique and interesting video. I applaud you for putting it together--and you did it so well! Thanks so much for sharing--and I hope you will do it again."
Steinunn Einarsdottir
Tue Feb 12, 02013 2:39 PM

"Hi Julie, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn how you do you Fracturing, it is fascinating to watch you. Your work is so full of life and color.
I often use my palette knife with my work but it will be even more fun to try the squeegee as well.
I really enjoy your work wether it is fractured or not."
Celeste Bergin
Sun Feb 10, 02013 12:34 PM

"I am a big Julie Ford Oliver fan; she comes across here just like she does on her blog...friendly and open! I have often looked at her paintings and thought...ok now, just how did she do that?? Mystery solved and it's clear she is a born painter.....and a natural teacher. I'll be trying some of this for myself. This technique could help many painters experience a new level of freedom and expression."
Lauren Nelson
Sat Feb 9, 02013 4:23 PM

"There are 4 videos in this ArtByte. One around 11 minutes, and three under 5. Each is very high quality video (click on the four tiny arrows in the right bottom corner to watch full screen), showing us the method that results in the unique 'shimmering' in Julie's paintings.

I thought she was making the bold passes with the 'tool', but she's using the knife for those. All together, her technique is fascinating, and anyone wanting to try it has a terrific, clear guide in these videos. Bravo Julie!"
Bruce Bingham
Fri Feb 8, 02013 6:25 AM

"It was so much fun to watch Julie's playful and creative fracturing style. She encourages me to be curious and more experimental. Great video!"
Lisa Graham
Thu Feb 7, 02013 1:52 PM

"It is very exciting to see your lovely painting style in action...complete with the very real and down-to-earth YOU! I don't think this video could be any better than what it is...a very clear tutorial! Thank you for sharing this with is truly a gift."
Donna MacDonald
Wed Feb 6, 02013 1:33 PM

"Thank you sooo much - I found you methods very interesting. I think that your little oopsies showed everyone that everything is fixable and not to get stressed over little missteps.

I encourage you to keep doing videos - I think you are a natural!!"
Sharon Rose Smith
Wed Feb 6, 02013 1:32 PM

"You are delightful and your work is stunning. I found your tutorial to be quite clear and fun to watch."
Donna Holdsworth
Wed Feb 6, 02013 12:53 PM

"Thank you Julie for the wonderful video! You did a great job & I have wanted to learn fracturing for a long time. Hope to incorporate some into my work at some point! It was nice to hear your voice too:)"
Marcia Hodges
Wed Feb 6, 02013 12:34 PM

"Julie, Just watched your lovely video. Not only are you a wonderful teacher but a beautiful lady and you have gifted us with your demonstration of your fracturing technique in such a concise, descriptive video . I loved learning about the technique but I also found your expertise with values amazing so I feel I received two lessons in one.- Thank you."
Shelley Breton
Tue Feb 5, 02013 9:23 PM

"Thank you Julie...I've been very curious how you accomplish this technique, and your art byte gives us a clear demonstration of the process, start to finish! If you do another video I would love to have a peek at your palette, before, during and after the process, as well as the paints and mediums you use. Love your work! Thank you for sharing!"