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Ever been blocked creatively? Does it feel awful and like you are all alone in your misery? Do you sometimes need a little pep-talk to make it through the rough patches? Well, so do I. So I put together a few pages of stories and advice from other artists who've been through it too.

You'll read great tips from artists Liz Wiltzen, Brenda Ferguson, Cathleen Rehfehld and me, Carol Marine (& I hope to add more later). We hope it helps!

*FYI, most of the information in this ArtByte is included in my book, "Daily Painting," which is available on


Bego Lopez
Thu Dec 28, 02017 8:59 AM

"Thank you very much!!!"
A Main
Wed Mar 12, 02014 9:34 PM

"I love that this is a collection from several different artists. Although I found each worth reading, there was one that strongly spoke to me, and the way I feel about artist block. I'm sure its not the same one that speaks to everyone, but with eight voices, most people should find someone whose experience, and solutions, resonate for them."
Patricia Christensen
Thu Oct 24, 02013 5:49 PM

"So wonderful! Thank you, Carol, for taking time to put this together! I have experience so many of these symptoms & have wondered about my own mental stability! Such a treasury of information here! Again, thank you thank you!"
kristi standley
Sat Aug 24, 02013 5:18 PM

"I have frequent blocks, especially lately, when my life is full of stress and strife. This ArtByte and The Artist's Way has helped so much! Thank you for all that you do for us artists."
Patricia Elliott Seitz
Tue Apr 9, 02013 8:27 AM

"I had a block for twenty years! Every day I wanted to paint but couldn't do it! Talk about a tortured soul!
Anger, and the my mother's paint brushes rattled me out of it. Now there's no stopping me!"
Marla Laubisch
Fri Mar 1, 02013 3:39 PM

"So much great advice, and lots of humor too! Thank you all for providing your insights."
Laurie Mansur
Fri Feb 22, 02013 12:43 AM

"Thank you. Super helpful ideas not only for overcoming block but just in general for approaching life!"
Sharon McGauley
Thu Feb 21, 02013 2:49 PM

"Thank you for adding this! I love this conversation and appreciate the camaraderie in the dark place.

And, Carol, your work is so inspiring. Thank you."
Bruce Bingham
Thu Feb 21, 02013 9:46 AM

"Hi Carol,
This is such a great subject for an art site to delve into. You're a pretty smart cookie! xo"
Lauren Nelson
Wed Feb 20, 02013 9:50 AM

"Oh! Is that what it's called? I thought it was procrastination, sloth, and life getting in the way.

Crystal's humor spoke very loudly to me, and I will repeat her #6 mantra daily.

The online community of artists is one of the most satisfying aspects of my life right now, and this kind of sharing is what reminds me of all the good and generous people in that community.

Thank you for doing this Carol!

Sally Baker
Wed Feb 20, 02013 7:36 AM

"I smiled while reading this. Is it ok to print it for my own use? Now and then I need a kick in the butt."
Julie Ford Oliver
Wed Feb 20, 02013 12:10 AM

"The genuine honesty these artists share in this artbyte is a wonderful gift and I thank them all.
I have found different un-blocking methods over the years and it was encouraging to see some of them here and learn of new ones.

Carol, you are a special lady and have influenced more artists painting lives - me included - than you will ever know, and now you add a human dimension to help us even more. Bless you."
Julie Kirkland
Tue Feb 19, 02013 8:27 PM

"Thank you all SO much. I've been experiencing an extended block (2 1/2 months). I took over half that time off from painting at all and have painted only garbage since. Not feeling inspired is how I've characterized it. I've tried many of the things suggested, except one. I haven't relaxed and waited for it to pass. It might take both chocolate and wine, but I'll try to take off the pressure I'm feeling. Thank you, thank you!"
Evelyn Oldroyd
Tue Feb 19, 02013 6:15 PM

"Thank you all, this was perfect timing!"
Linda Hugues
Tue Feb 19, 02013 5:23 PM

"Thanks, Carol. This was fabulous. This is going to prompt some well-needed soul searching on my part. How nice to know that there are others who don't love every minute of painting. And very interesting to see how artist's block affects artists differently, and to hear their different solutions. Thanks so much! And thanks for making it free."
Roxanne Steed
Tue Feb 19, 02013 3:41 PM

"I have hit my annual winter block, which may have more to do with weather than me painting. But the results are the same....feeling of being in that 'dark place where I can't paint anymore'. I do remember that it's temporary, but this has been a tough one to get through (still looking for the other end of it). Thank goodness for this very timely article- I'm so appreciative of these thoughts!"
Irene Hurdle
Tue Feb 19, 02013 3:25 PM

"Thank you so's comforting to know that others experience this kind of angst.

Makes me feel so much better. Think I will go do some painting, which I haven't done for awhile."
Lavon Maestas
Tue Feb 19, 02013 11:36 AM

"I had a block all weekend which really bummed me because I work and count on my weekends for painting. Too bad I didn't read this Saturday morning! I could have tried some of the suggestions. I mostly gave up, did some tidying and some reading. it will come back. it always does. Still, Carol, I wish I had this then.

Thank you!!! Lavon"
Ima Gallego
Tue Feb 19, 02013 1:57 AM

"Thank you very much!"
Carol Keene
Mon Feb 18, 02013 10:49 PM

"I haven't experienced artist's block, but I have friends who have. It's good to acknowledge it as a real problem, recognize the warning signs and know how others have worked through it. This ArtByte brings clarity to a murky issue. Thank you, Carol, for addressing it."