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Category:   Demo
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
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In this ArtByte I demonstrate painting a cracked egg in a glass cup. The video is split screen so you can see my palette and the painting at the same time. I've edited out all the boring parts - where I'm just looking or considering. Though it took me a lot longer to paint, the resulting video is only about 30 minutes long, which I've split into three parts. I've recorded a voice-over that explains what I'm doing and why for the entire process.


Vicki Wood
Thu Jan 3, 02019 6:06 PM

"Learned so much!!! Wonderful! Thank you, Carol!"
John Stromme
Mon Mar 5, 02018 2:06 PM

"Great tutorial ...easy to follow. I watch these each numerous times. Thanks"
kimberly Baker
Mon Feb 19, 02018 5:40 PM

"I thoroughly enjoyed your demo- thank you! I hope you make more :)"
pat alto
Sun Feb 11, 02018 12:57 PM

"Well done, as always. I love the split screen and watching your color mixing as well as your application. Thank you - so many thought-provoking tips."
Kim DiLoreto
Tue Feb 6, 02018 12:35 PM

""A painting is a poem, not a dissertation" - I love that thought!
So fun watching you paint, Carol. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent."
Donna Dumont
Mon Feb 5, 02018 1:10 PM

"Wow! I loved the palette demonstration and discussion! I have tried it twice. Makes painting more fun and you get better results. Thanks!"
Dipali Rabadiya
Mon Feb 5, 02018 8:54 AM

"very well explained. love to watch your videos."
Andrea Jeris
Fri Feb 2, 02018 10:27 AM

"Comparing colors on the palette and working inside out has been so helpful to me. Well done video. Thanks."
Donna James
Fri Feb 2, 02018 6:50 AM

"Very good discussion about shadows with this demo. It is so helpful to see the color mixing along with the painting. Carol's ArtBytes are so worth buying and I find myself watching them over and over to catch the information and apply it to my own work. Thanks for the demos and for your valuable book. There is so much detail packed into your efforts!"