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Category:   Techniques
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
Has a Peer
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This ArtByte includes eleven pages of instruction (some repeated from "Taking, Editing & Painting Photo References," with new images) AND a full demo video. I cover these topics and more:

* Where to find people to draw & paint
* Camera considerations
* What to look for when you're out shooting
* How to be inconspicuous
* How to process your photos after a shoot
* Getting the scene onto your canvas/panel
* Editing out the awkward bits
* A bit about my process
* Skin tones
* Smart mixing on your palette
* Achieving atmospheric perspective
* Tackling hands, faces and other details
* And where to stop...


Julie Ford Oliver
Thu Apr 11, 02019 3:50 PM

"This is a very satisfying painting tutorial. It hit all the important areas and I found it mesmerizing to watch Carol work her magic with a brush while clearly explaining each step.
I highly recommend this or any of her artbytes.

greg green
Sat Feb 23, 02019 9:50 PM

""The usual Gung Ho Greatness." Carol's modesty leads to very, very direct instructions. She communicates beautifully. I have all her tutorials and every one is lean, direct and thoughtful."
Haidar Al shamary
Sun Nov 11, 02018 6:59 AM

"a great art course full of information , Carol Marine very talented artist and i highly recommend her artbyte courses ."
Carolyn Taylor
Wed Oct 24, 02018 6:35 PM

"Love this -the grid explanation helps the tedious sketching so much!"
Kimberley Camera
Sun Jul 1, 02018 6:51 AM

"Great instruction!! It was very helpful!!"
Elaine Friesen
Tue Jun 19, 02018 5:25 PM

"Great video! So much important information from taking the photo to painting and finishing the painting. Very well done. I highly recommend it."
Murray Sease
Mon Jun 4, 02018 10:46 AM

"super helpful thank you!"
Oleksii Movchun
Fri Jun 1, 02018 8:21 AM

"This tutorial is definitely worth more than 15$, I mean it! Carol generously shared her knowledge, and I was amazed at how much valuable info and insights the supplementary materials contain! A real gem, can't wait to put it all into practice! Can't thank you enough, Carol!"
laura mcneill
Mon May 28, 02018 1:56 PM

"it is clear Carol wants to help you become a better painter, and she edits out unnecessary wordiness, gives great examples and moves on. You will pause often, if you are taking notes. A great tutorial for new as well as experienced painters."
Eris Gillis
Sun May 27, 02018 12:22 AM

"Totally mesmerising watching the 4 videos. A wealth of information in the text content too! Excellent value! I will be watching it over and over and over! So much information.
How to edit pictures was really good too!
Highly recommended from me!"
Dicksie McDaniel
Sat May 26, 02018 12:36 PM

"I got so much out of this tutorial!! Carol is so detailed and so generous in sharing her experiences, her insights, and her knowledge. The Photoshop info was very helpful, and the tutorials were extremely enlightening. $15 very well spent! So much to absorb; I'm sure I'll watch this again and again."
Heinz Gaensli
Fri May 25, 02018 10:44 AM

"This is a great tutorial, very comprehensive. A must for all CM-followers. And it's more worth than US15 !"