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This ArtByte includes all that I have learned about shipping small art in the 12+ years since I started (in 2006). Since then I've shipped almost 3,000 paintings, and never had a single one arrive damaged!


Shawnee Fleenor
Thu Aug 12, 02021 9:22 AM

"THANK YOU! Helpful and practical. This brief tutorial answered many important questions for me about the process of delivering a professional product in a professional way."
Alba Aguade
Wed Jun 2, 02021 7:41 AM

"A very practical and very well explained article! Thank you so much Carol!"
Sandi Hester
Sat Dec 12, 02020 11:25 AM

"Really really helpful info - I'm beyond glad you did this for us - THANK YOU!!! Because of my YouTube channel Bits of an Artist's Life I'm getting much more requests for things being shipped because my audience has expanded world wide - this came at the perfect time for me!"
Kerry Bromfield
Sun May 31, 02020 6:19 AM

"This was great , thanks"
Rosie Foshee
Wed Nov 6, 02019 11:12 PM

"I have your book "Daily Painting," and after reading it from cover to cover, I still re-read it. You, and your book, are both inspirational. I have been trying out different art sites, and this is the second time I have come back to Daily Paintworks, and I believe I have found home for my art. I am still working on becoming a daily painter. I have family living on our land, so children, and grandchildren are in and out of our home, then I have children when we travel who live further from us with more grandchildren. But I carry my art supplies when on the road so I can keep painting. And here lately, we have family up in age, and need help, so I am cooking meals for the ones who can't care for themselves. Even with all this, I am working on becoming a daily painter."
Jo Murphy
Wed Jul 3, 02019 4:34 PM

"Thank you!"
Theresa Taylor Bayer
Sun Jun 2, 02019 11:42 AM

"Thanks, valuable info, much appreciated!"
Alona M
Fri Apr 19, 02019 3:17 PM

"Thank you so much!"
Joni Solis
Tue Feb 26, 02019 8:41 PM

"A lot of good tips! Thank you Carol."
Mary Pargas
Thu Feb 21, 02019 10:29 AM

"Thanks Carol! Thorough and I am now reconsidering my use of padded envelopes."
Maria Price
Sat Feb 9, 02019 10:49 AM

"Thank you, Carol. Very interesting."
Barbara Haviland
Sat Feb 9, 02019 8:39 AM

"Thanks for sharing"
Jinnie May
Thu Jan 31, 02019 4:42 PM

"Excellent Carol! Thank you for sharing this very useful stuff."
Elisabeth Svendby
Thu Jan 31, 02019 3:36 AM

"Thank you, Carol, great tips! :)"