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Category:   Materials
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
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Which materials to buy is a real dilemna for most beginner painters. The better stuff is usually more expensive, yet many aren't ready to invest so much so soon. But if they opt for the cheaper stuff it can often be a frustrating experience.

In this ArtByte, I share information about my current favorite materials and why I love them so. I also review products I've used before and how I felt about them. The materials I cover include: easels, my handy dandy panel holder, palettes, panels, wet panel carriers, brushes, paint, OMS (odorless mineral spirits), my medium recipe, what I use to wash brushes, lighting, and the things I paint (including the sticky subject of photographs). Also included is a section on keeping the TSA people happy - flying with paint. Pictures and links are scattered lavishly throughout.

*FYI, most of the information in this ArtByte is included in my book, "Daily Painting," which is available on


Jan James
Wed Apr 21, 02021 12:20 PM

"Thank you for being so willing to share."
kimberly Baker
Mon Feb 19, 02018 7:55 PM

"Great ideas, thank you!"
Sandra L Harris
Fri Jan 31, 02014 10:05 AM

"Thanks so much for your excellent advice. I am going to tart using your recommended medium."
Lena Rivo
Fri Jul 26, 02013 10:25 AM

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! These ArtBytes are like a breath of fresh air for me! Thank you, Carol!"
Joanie Springer
Thu Nov 29, 02012 1:53 PM

"Excellent, as always. Thank you for your generous sharing of information from easels, to brush cleaners and just about everything inbetween. I'd love to seea picture of the brush holder you describe out of pvc pipe??? Thank you again, Carol, for continually inspiring. I work primarily in gouache but I get just as much out of your vids as if i were painting in oils (my other fave medium.) Blessings!"
Judy Freedman
Sun Oct 7, 02012 4:03 PM

"So useful and affordable, plus inspirational!"
Rosemary Castiglioni
Fri Sep 21, 02012 7:05 AM

"Goodbye cranky/heavy Julian French Easel! I've got the Art Box at your recommendation and reallyreally like the weight, simplicity, efficiency. Thank you"
Nancy Roberts
Tue Aug 28, 02012 1:18 AM

"Excellent tutorial! It answered every single question I had, plus a few I hadn't thought of!"
Brande Arno
Thu Jun 7, 02012 7:43 AM

"I'm a big fan of Utrecht oil paint and Ampersand's Gessoboards...Not to mention a bigger fan of Carol's painting style."
Sat May 26, 02012 2:38 PM

"I love these! Thank you!"
Patsi Hughes
Wed Apr 25, 02012 9:37 AM

"Thanks Carol. Love all these ArtBytes."
Anne Sheill
Mon Apr 9, 02012 9:23 AM

"Decided it was time to toss out my beginner oils (Winton) and exchange them for Utrecht brand. Tossed out the odd array of brushes and bought the Silver Bristlon that Carol recommended. These are the best products ever. What a different they are making, both in the end results and the fun of using."
Steinunn Einarsdottir
Sat Mar 3, 02012 10:37 AM

"This is full of valuable information, thanks Carol"
Margaret Sheldon
Fri Mar 2, 02012 10:12 PM

"I've bought two art bytes, and this one has already answered questions I didn't even realize I had ;-)
Wonderful, useful information."
Carolyn Baldwin
Thu Mar 1, 02012 10:12 AM

"Valuable information.

Helen Cooper
Wed Feb 29, 02012 3:39 PM

"Fantastic! such valuable information!"