Apple Painting Demo with Video & Voice over


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Category:   Techniques
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
Has a Peer
Critique Page:  
In my first ArtByte demo, I paint my most comfortable and familiar subject - apples. The video is sped up enough so you don't get totally bored, but not so much that you can't see what I'm doing. The time is just over 20 minutes. I include a shot of my palette so you can see everything I'm mixing.

I created a voiceover where I talk about what I am doing and why. Please pardon my squeaky voice. There is an additional super fast version of the video at the beginning just as an overview and ... because I think it's pretty fascinating to see a painting done that fast!


De Selby
Sun Jun 5, 02016 8:49 PM

Dipali Rabadiya
Wed Jan 28, 02015 8:55 AM

"Love it..It is so much fun watching you paint."
Gigi Ortwein
Sun Nov 30, 02014 4:46 PM

"So great-- thank you! Please do more videos :)"
Steven White
Tue Oct 14, 02014 3:31 PM

"Awesome! Please do more!"
Tara Anderson
Mon Aug 4, 02014 4:20 PM

"The voice over works really well. I think you can explain things better when you are watching instead of painting. It feels like friends watching it together."
Dd Whittle
Tue Jul 29, 02014 8:25 PM

"Excellent demo! I'm trying to learn to be more expressive and loose in my painting and this is just what I needed! Thanks, Carol!"
Anne Marie Propst
Thu Feb 7, 02013 4:14 PM

"This is just excellent!!! Do more please!"
Thu Dec 13, 02012 7:31 AM

""Fantastic! such valuable information!""
Kim Burden
Sun Nov 25, 02012 10:31 AM

"Great value here. I've watched it so many times, I've lost count. I have untold books, dvds, magazines etc. but Carol Marine's ArtBytes are so well done, l find myself thinking of these as I paint."
Anna Clark
Thu Aug 30, 02012 3:50 PM

"You are an amazing talent, and even better yet for us, a great teacher! Thanks!"
Carolyn Robbin
Thu Mar 29, 02012 10:36 AM

"Really loved this! Very informative and inspiring....more, please!!
p.s. only 'critique' on the later parts, maybe show the original still life setup occasionally...just to compare! Thanks, Carol!"
Steinunn Einarsdottir
Sun Mar 4, 02012 6:40 AM

"Great learning! Thanks lot."
Austin Maloney
Sat Mar 3, 02012 11:36 PM

"Great demo Carol! I have been admiring your work for a long time, and all the while wondering how and why you did certain things. This video cleared up a most of those questions. Definitely worth the money!"
Nancy Standlee
Thu Mar 1, 02012 10:37 PM

"Very nice demo and it would benefit me for you to say the base colors for the green apple are ultramarine blue and cad yellow light. I'll be able to tell more on additional viewings. I like the way you explained the lighter edges of the shadow shapes and how you achieved them."
Rose Herczeg
Wed Feb 29, 02012 3:43 PM

"Wonderful! You have to see it to really appreciate it.. great videos.. you explain everything so perfectly!"