How to Photograph & Edit Small Paintings


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Category:   Technology
Media:   For All Media
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   No
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Need help taking pictures of your small art? Try my easy, outside method and avoid that nasty glare every time.

Also need help editing the photos once you've taken them? This ArtByte includes step-by-step instructions for editing in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, iPhoto, Picasa and iPiccy, along with the pros and cons of each program.

Also included is a bit of coaching in staying organized, and a peek at my own computer files.


Chris Orren
Thu Feb 7, 02019 11:19 AM

"Thanks. Excellent tutorial."
John Stromme
Mon Mar 5, 02018 12:36 PM

"This was so worth my time and money Carol. I really needed this. Thanks so much."
Audrey Wilcox
Thu Aug 8, 02013 8:33 PM

"Very helpful and easy to follow tutorial.
Thank you!"
Shirley Peters
Sat Nov 10, 02012 12:59 AM

"Great instruction, Carol and David. Very detailed, and useful for many different computer programs."
Anne Sheill
Sun Aug 12, 02012 12:09 PM

"Editing and saving photos can be so confusing. You have greatly simplified the process of editing and saving photos as larger size or smaller for the web. Big help.
Thanks, Anne"
Patricia Bertha
Sat Aug 4, 02012 5:42 PM

"Very clear, thorough and detailed. Thanks for your generous sharing of knowledge. Have considered finding some class to clarify some of this process. You saved me that effort. More time to paint."
Bernadette Stanhope
Sun Jul 15, 02012 12:12 AM

"Great information that I couldnt find anywhere else. Keep them coming Carol."
Jim Moyer
Sat Jul 14, 02012 8:47 AM

"I want a refund JUST KIDDING that was to easy in PSE9 the best 10 bucks I ever spent. This tutorial also works wonders with my scanned images.

Thanks Carol Marine"