French Fry Demo: My Favorite Techniques


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Category:   Demo
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   No
Has a Peer
Critique Page:  
The following Demo showcases one of my oil paintings (layered - not Alla Prima) from drawing to completion. Though every painting is unique and there are some techniques I use which are not shown in this demo, what is presented here are my most commonly employed tips and tricks:

-Initial Drawing & Transfer
-Design Edits
-How to Layer Colors (patiently)
-Wet Paint Blending
-Dry Brush Details

This demo does not include video, but does contain 19 images with detailed explanations of the process each step of the way. The painting itself is sectioned into 3 parts:

-Image transfer and first layers of color
-Secondary layers with wet color blending
-Final layer with dry brush details

Please pardon my use of french fries as the subject matter if it makes you hungry. I chose the design because it was relatively simple - to be appealing to all skill levels - while still containing enough information to showcase techniques that make a realism painting look realistic.


Melissa Wotherspoon
Sun Aug 6, 02017 6:41 AM

"Such a wonderful combination of techniques that I would not have previously considered, but they make so much sense. I really enjoyed Jelaine's down-to-earth humorous tone as well. This is inspiring!"
Ruth Ninneman
Thu Jun 23, 02016 5:36 PM

"Very good information and easy to understand. I recommend this tutorial!"
Susan Bertrand
Wed Feb 6, 02013 12:22 PM

"Really helpful and informative! Not only does this ArtByte offer personal and personable technique-Jelaine was wonderful at answering a few extra questions I had.I am also looking forward to her next ArtByte and recommend this tutorial for anyone who wants to start up,speed up,or just try a different approach.
Thanks so much Jelaine!"
Sue Harrell
Sat Jul 21, 02012 10:08 AM

"I agree with the first two critiques. Jelaine has shared some excellent information in an entertaining and easy-to-follow presentation. I used the methods she described and was very happy with my first attempt at realism. I can hardly wait for her next ArtByte. Many thanks, Jelaine."
Jeanean Slamen
Fri Jun 15, 02012 12:01 AM

"Excellent! Jelaine provides detailed photos and description of her painting process along with personable, witty presentation. I'll be waiting eagerly for her next ArtBytes.

Jeanean Slamen, Houston"
Rachel Keough
Thu Jun 14, 02012 6:50 PM

"Amazing tutorial from start to finish. It's generously informative, a joy to read and contains great looking photos. I know I'll reference this during my next painting. Thanks Jelaine!"