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Are you an artist interested in selling online but don't know how to get eyeballs to your blog/website? This ArtByte includes a number of ideas to get you started in the right direction.

We will cover setting your blog up for maximum sales, the benefits of joining the daily painting community, advertising on and off-line, places to get more ideas, and some general tips from a successful daily painter.

Table of Contents:
1. Overview
2. Work Out the Kinks
3. Join the Community
4. Advertise
5. Get Professional Advice
6. Commit and Stay Focused

*FYI, most of the information in this ArtByte is included in my book, "Daily Painting," which is available on


Ulla Gmeiner
Sat May 10, 02014 5:31 AM

"Great tips and ideas!! Thank you Carol!
Padmini Satish
Sat Mar 2, 02013 5:11 PM

"This is a terrific tutorial Carol.
I have already taken 3 of your Artbytes and I am counting.
You are my Guru!"
Jo Mackenzie
Wed Nov 14, 02012 6:43 PM

"Julie Kirkland suggested this artbyte and boy was she right. I have been so frustrated in my blogging efforts. I have spend hours thinking I am loosing my mind.
In one half hour tonight I was able to do what I have wanted to do for months. I even had been in the process of hiring someone and believe me that would have cost way more than ten dollars.
I am only on page two of the artbyte and there are seven pages all together.
I checked off about ten things I have been trying to clear up for months.
I am a happy happy artist tonight.
These are the right tips at the right time.
Thank you have restored my faith in my cognitive abilities.
David Morris
Fri Nov 2, 02012 12:41 PM

"Another excellent ArtByte Carol. Difficult to choose between this one and the "How to photograph......." Both are extremely informative and helpful."
Donna Weathers
Tue Oct 30, 02012 12:51 PM

"This was a terrific ArtByte! Thanks Carol!"