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Category:   Demo
Media:   Oil
Skill Level:   Everyone
Has Video(s):   Yes
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This is a free demonstration video of a painting with orange slices. It lasts just over 7 minutes.


Kim DiLoreto
Sat Jan 27, 02018 12:03 AM

Bego Lopez
Thu Dec 28, 02017 9:02 AM

"It's amazing!. Thank you very much!"
Stephanie Eargle
Mon Oct 2, 02017 12:17 PM

"So fun to watch!! Thank you :D"
Liubov Sh.
Wed Apr 5, 02017 1:31 AM

"It is great! Thank you very much!"
Laurie Henry
Tue Mar 28, 02017 9:56 AM

"Enjoyed it!"
Linda Falorio
Thu Jul 21, 02016 6:42 AM

"Fascinating to watch Carol work!"
Tricia Granzier
Mon Apr 11, 02016 2:22 PM

"That was great! Thanks so much."
Jane Marlin
Sat Feb 20, 02016 5:27 PM

"Excellent! Learned a lot watching you paint. Thanks!"
Naomi Ganor
Wed Aug 12, 02015 6:52 AM

"Thank you for the great demo!"
Nancy Boyle
Tue Mar 24, 02015 1:08 PM

"Nice demo"
marion moise
Sat Mar 21, 02015 2:16 AM

"really great to see your instructions from the book put into action here .. i can see how you 'sculpt' your colour, use minimal brush strokes and how you put in the shadows and reflected light .. such a great gift you have given .. thankyou"
Silke Sauritz
Wed Feb 4, 02015 11:59 AM

"Thanks, nice demonstration."
Maranne Doyle -Laszlo
Wed Jan 28, 02015 1:04 PM

"OMG! THANK YOU! Read your book and sampled a couple Bytes....LOVING BOTH! Smart and Irreverent !

You make ART and creativity user friendly.

I'd love to stash away my 'cleaning and vacuuming' for 'playing with my paints'.

Living on the north coast of Oregon I find it difficult to hook up with an artist I can work with, learn from.

Love that you are taking 2015 off from giving workshops. (Hugely disappointed too!) TOTALLY understand time for self and fam.

With your book and Bytes I hope to proceed, one step at a time. One painting at a time! You rock....( as my 19 yr old might say) THANKS!"
Susan Stevens
Wed Dec 3, 02014 11:42 PM

Amair Ose
Wed Mar 12, 02014 10:11 PM

"well worth the watch. I found many useful things.

How you painted past the edges. How thorough, but general the original lay in was. How nothing was fussed with. How often the paint brush went out of frame for more paint. How dark you went for the first pass at the fork.

These are all the sort of things that are hard to pick up in words, but seeing them reminded me how important they are, and how much more attention I should pay to them in my own work.

Thank you"
Lori Pittenger
Sat Feb 8, 02014 6:56 PM

"5 stars for your wonderful demo! Thanks so much, I really enjoyed it!"
Donna Buttaccio
Tue Jan 7, 02014 10:19 PM

"I really appreciate the way you set up your painting prior to finishing it. Very generous of you to share your knowledge with us. Thank you!"
Susan Wymola
Wed Aug 28, 02013 3:09 PM

"I LOVE the demo!"
Nancy Gard
Sat Aug 3, 02013 12:30 PM

"How do I start the video?
Christine Martinez
Thu Mar 14, 02013 10:52 PM

"Beautiful work. I'm so amazed at what you can do with a 6"x6" canvas."
Scott Ruthven
Tue Feb 19, 02013 12:32 AM

"Love it! Thanks for sharing Carol."
Terry Worth
Thu Jan 17, 02013 3:11 PM

"Wow! Did I forget to say, wow? Wow! Thank you."
Maren Morris
Fri Dec 14, 02012 12:40 PM

"thank you! rewatched parts of this demo many times. so much information! really helpful to see the finished painting below the demo. wonderful video. thank you so much for making this available for free."
Melisa McCurley
Tue Nov 20, 02012 8:37 AM

"This was so much fun to watch and very inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with us!"
Barbara Farren
Mon Nov 12, 02012 6:21 AM

"Thank you for putting up this demo. I enjoyed learning your process."
Debra Bryant
Sat Nov 10, 02012 6:32 AM

"Nice demo Carol! I like watching the process and am always inspired by your compositional choices. Thanks for the freebee!"
Nora MacPhail
Mon Nov 5, 02012 8:00 AM

"Awesome Carol! Thank you for generously sharing your technique.
Sandra Brown
Thu Nov 1, 02012 11:40 AM

"Hi Carol,

I like it. It is a good reminder of what you taught in the workshop. A very good learning tool. Thanks, Sandra Brown"
Corinne Murphy
Wed Oct 31, 02012 10:30 AM

"Each stroke so definitive and perfectly placed. No 'go backs', no questioning.....just perfectly placed brushstrokes. It's why only YOU can paint this way, this well. It was great fun to watch and thank you so much for sharing with all of us."
Darla McDowell
Tue Oct 30, 02012 3:09 PM

"Awesome demo! Thanks, Carol!"
Donna Weathers
Tue Oct 30, 02012 12:52 PM

"This was great, and the music was perfect for it, too!"
Nancy Roberts
Tue Oct 30, 02012 12:07 AM

"Wonderful! Thanks so much, Carol!"
Sarah Sedwick
Mon Oct 29, 02012 9:25 PM

"Nice! This was fun to watch."
Sharon McGauley
Mon Oct 29, 02012 7:10 PM

"you're awesome, carol marine! thanks so much."
Pat Brookes
Mon Oct 29, 02012 3:08 PM

"Love it. You look so speedy and decisive, I wonder how long did the painting really take to finish.
Rose Baggs
Mon Oct 29, 02012 2:43 PM

"Love it!!! You make it look so easy... :) Thanks for the free demo, very kind of you!:)"
Evelyne Heimburger Evhe
Mon Oct 29, 02012 2:38 PM

"Thank you so much, dear Artist, for sharing this with us."
Jennifer Beaudet
Mon Oct 29, 02012 12:00 PM

"Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent!"
Edna Perkinson
Mon Oct 29, 02012 9:45 AM

"Love watching your energy."
Steinunn Einarsdottir
Mon Oct 29, 02012 6:55 AM

"Thank you so much for this free demo Carol, you are so kind and an inspiration to us all."
Carol Norton
Mon Oct 29, 02012 6:44 AM

"Watching you paint, Carol, USA joy! Thank you.
CE Norton"
Charisse Devine
Mon Oct 29, 02012 1:38 AM

"It's great watching a painting grow !
It' s inspiring and encourages me to try to tackle a similar project !
Thankyou !
Do you work from a photo or a set-up ?"
Carol Keene
Sun Oct 28, 02012 11:35 PM

"I agree with Cathleen. It's also a delight to see Carol make her signature magic for free. I could almost hear her voice during the video, having taken a workshop with her. Carol's spell is as effective in real time as this generous tidbit she gave to us.
Cathleen Rehfeld
Sun Oct 28, 02012 10:14 PM

"I like it, I think it's a great demo!"