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The Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser
posted by Carol Marine on Tuesday Oct 30, 2012
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Hurricane Sandy has left behind terrible destruction and many people in need. This challenge is a fundraising auction to raise money to help our friends, family, and neighbors in the Northeast.

In our first DPW Fundraiser Challenge in March of 2011 hundreds of fine artists and buyers came together to help the people of Japan after the devastating tsunami and raised almost $30,000. We hope again to witness the same outpouring of generosity and love.

You do not need to be a member of DPW to submit an entry - all artists are welcome!

Each artist who participates in this fundraiser agrees to donate 100% of the proceeds of their sale, minus their shipping costs, to an aid organization of their choice, such as the American Red Cross - or to a family member or friend in need because of the storm. Please indicate in your entry's description, when submitting, to which organization or to whom you will be donating.

There are no requirements or restrictions on what you can submit to the challenge, except that it be original, natural media, 2-D art created by you.

While DPW manages the fundraiser and the auctions, the actual purchase is directly between the artist and the buyer, with the artist making the donation.

Please be sure to add the Fundraiser Widget to your blog or website to help spread the word!

Click the How to Enter and How to Buy links above for more information.

Thank you for your help!

* The above painting is by DPW member Patti Mollica, who has suffered the loss of her garage and the cars within due to the storm.

Amount Raised -

The Daily Paintworks Challenge

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Payment is through PayPal

All payments for winning bids will be made through PayPal directly into the artist's PayPal account. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay for artwork. PayPal offers the option to pay instead with a credit card.

How to Bid

To view and bid in the auction of any painting in this Fundraising Challenge, simply click on the painting's thumbnail, and then click the Bid in the DPW Auction link in the popup that opens.

The Artist's Donation

Each participating artist has agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale, minus the shipping costs. Details on how your payment will be donated can be found in each painting's description on the painting's auction page. If it is not, please feel free to contact the artist by clicking the Email the Artist link on the painting's auction page.

Any tax benefit from the donation goes to the artist, since they are making the donation.

If You are the Winning Bidder

While DPW manages the fundraiser and the auctions, the actual purchase is directly between you and the artist. If you are the winning bidder at the end of an auction, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay the artist by PayPal. You can also go to your my Auctions page and click the PayPal button to pay.

DPW will charge no fees in this fundraiser, however PayPal will charge the artist their normal processing fee.

Thank you for your kind patronage and generosity.

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The Daily Paintworks Challenge

To Submit an Entry, click here to sign in,
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This is a Fundraiser Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to raise money for The Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser.

You Agree To the Following

Submit an entry only if you agree to allow DPW to auction your painting for sale and you agree to donate 100% of the proceeds (minus your shipping costs) to an organization of your choice that is aiding the fundraiser's cause.

No DPW Fees or Sales Commission

Participation in this fundraiser is completely free of charge - there are no auction fees or commissions. PayPal, however, will charge you a processing fee for the buyer's payment, which will go directly into your PayPal account associated with the PayPal email address you enter when setting up your auction.

Entering your Artwork

Click the Enter your Artwork link on the fundraiser page and fill in all the information in the submission dialog that opens.

There are three sections to fill out in the dialog and you will have to click on the appropriate tabs in the dialog to see them:

  • Your Information
  • Your Painting's Information
  • The Auction Information

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