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Andrea Jeris




Oil Painter

Andrea has been an oil painter since she was 16. She earned an Associates Degree in Commercial Art, then went on to study at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Later she earned a BFA in painting and a BFA in drawing from Eastern Michigan University. She learned Plein air painting at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto while living in California.

Now back in Michigan and retired from a career in graphic design, she paints full time.

"I am a studio painter and I enjoy painting the beauty of everyday things. And I paint en Plein Air (outdoors), but I am a fair-weather painter so my time outdoors is precious to me. What a joy to connect to the earth, to be serenaded by birds, frogs, crickets, to be swept away by a river, to be uplifted by the trees, and to see the universe in the sky. With my paintings you can see what I see, stand where I stand, and maybe, just maybe, feel the wonder of what I feel.”

“If you ask the sun why it shines it would answer, ‘because it is my nature to shine.’” I paint because it is my nature to paint.

There are times when I see something that makes me go "OH!" It gets behind my eyeballs and it's like when you get a song stuck in your head that won't go away. Like when your cat or dog is hungry and wants to be fed and they sit and stare at you so you might as well feed them or you will go crazy. Well I have to paint that image. I just do. I love to paint. But really, I have to paint.

There is energy in all things in the universe. When you look at something long enough that it is looking back at you, you may see the glow of that energy. I want to put that glow into paint so I can feel it again and again.

Because a piece of art speaks to your heart and there is only one original that may have reached more than one heart, prints of a selection of my art are now available on Artfuly Wall at https://www.artfullywalls.com/artists/476152/andrea-jeris

I hope you find the art that makes you happy.

Happiness to you—Andrea