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Anette Power

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I like to pause to capture moments; yummy color combinations, the sun lighting kids at play, hazy atmosphere in nature and the timeless design of classic cars. These visual moments all stop me in my tracks. At my easel, brush in hand I ask myself:How do I best divide my canvas, find the right angle, balance the lights and darks and crop my subject in a way that tells a story? I want to capture life around me and document our fleeting place in history. I grew up in Sweden on an island off the east coast. Thanks to my mom and being a little far from town my sister and I did a lot of creative play.
Ready to see the world, I then eventually landed in Los Angeles where I got my training, "on the job" so to speak, while working in Animation for 14 years. Today I enjoy painting mostly in oils and I feel blessed to be painting (almost) daily, spending my time outdoors (painting en plein air), as well as in the studio before the kids get home. I love to continuously learn more!
Painting Small and often with DailyPaintWorks has been a great practice for me and I'm now looking to paint larger and experiment some more.Thank you for taking a look! My work here is sold un-framed, so I can keep the cost a little lower than my gallery prices! Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a painting framed . To learn more about my process and get other tips and tidbits on art, please check out my blog as well, I'd love to hear from you!