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Aniko Makay

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​Hello and welcome!

I am an artist from Hungary, Europe. For 15 years my main medium was silk, silk painting. It was soft and feminine material, and let me use and invent creative solutions year by year. Nowadays I am dedicated to paint in oil. I changed medium, there was no special reason, I longed for being renewed. And I did. Surprisingly- yes, it was really unexpected - I felt a new chapter began in my life. As I go deeper and deeper, there are so much to explore, so many paintings that I want to paint. I feel energized.

In this gallery I would like to share my small oil paintings.

As you can not make a tree flower, you can not make a bird sing, you can not make art. Art comes from joy. Joy is the objective. The happier we are the more we are allowing art to flow through.

When you watch an object that you are drawn to, and this object is made as a result of the process mentioned above (inner power) then you feel and you resonate with that power in few hundred years down the line also. You feel that power, no matter what forms it takes up. Often it is analyzed or categorized in the hope of understanding it more. But if you let the object or product impress you, then you can connect with the power that originally manifested it. You may be inspired by that power.

I hope I find that power.
And I hope you find that power also and feel inspired.

I trust that you feel like to buy the paintings also and resonate with them.

Your comments are very welcomed. Come again, see you soon!

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