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Anna Sakhanchuk

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I live in Saint-Peterburg in Russia, where i grew up, but ‚ÄčI was born in the ancient town of Cesis in Soviet Latvia 2 years before the collapce of USSR. I always loved to draw but never took it seriously, because my family convinsed me that there is no point to aspire it as a profession, as I wouldn't make living. Just like so many young people before me I blindly trusted judgement of my parents and got the profession they wanted me to. It turnes out their choice was not the best one and couldnt bring me nor money nor happyness. I've constantly had a feeling that I was waisting my life. Two years ago I decided that I postponed my vocation way too long and went to a local amateur art school. My teachers didn't give me much theoretical knowlege, but they showed me where to look and gave some understanding. I've strarted to paint only last spring and at first it was confusing, I still learn and struggle with oils. This spring my teacher started to push me try to sell my works and around that time I stumbled on a book. The book was "Daily painting" by Carol Marine, my first thought before I opened it was "Yea, I know, I should paint more often". So here I am, I do paint almost daily, now I hope I could start selling something and at last make it my profession.