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Anne Karin Court-Payen

Anne Karin Court-Payen is a full-time french-danish artist and independent art teacher. She currently resides in Paris where she has her studio.
In 2001 she graduated from the art school La Passerelle. She also learned from established artists such as Rosy Lamb, Laurent Dauptain, Michel Lauricella, Mark Tennant, Anne Leduc and Egon Sendler. From these people, she explored many different technics and approaches to art.

She exhibits in art fairs in France and Denmark : the Carroussel du Louvre (SNBA), at the Grand Palais (Artistes Français), in Frederiksborg (Portrait Now). She works sometimes for churches (Saint-Paul Saint-Louis in the Marais, Paris). She is a member of a parisian artist group called La Condamine and her next exhibition will be in their Loft.

Anne Karin: I live in Paris, where I have a charmed life full of daily friendly exchanges closed to many loved ones. The city energy is great and all, but I do escape when I can to get green inspiration in the region of Burgundy, in an old and spiritual middle-age village with fussy architecture, and miles of fields. I also often visit my family in Denmark. My father came from Marseille, and my mother from Denmark. Their contrasting union has given me a special attraction for mixing disparate forms together... Maybe this explains why I always try to confront myself with impossible mixtures in my painting, like water and oil.

Though I mostly work with oil, I also try out all kinds of paints like vegetal glue, varnish, gold… searching for happy little accidents and surprises. Painting is like traveling: I love to go deep in a single detail, or taste the abstraction in geometrical forms, enjoy the movement of a gesture, and finally lose control by confronting matter itself! Painting matter turns out to be a “partner” who continuously helps me discover new possibilities. It is then a great pleasure to be carried through the session. What I want deep down in this quest is more to be inspired than to master the painting process… knowing however that one does not go without the other.

Starting as a decorative painter and as copyist at the Louvre and Chantilly museum, I gradually worked my way to large sized portraits, fantasy landscapes and self-portraits. These are themes I have always come back to. I also used to paint icons once and since then, I kept painting on wood. Most of my work is painted on small poplar boxes or linden solid wood that I prepare in the traditional way with hot animal glue and cray. I love for the painting to be a concrete object where the support you work on has a great importance.

I am happy to be a part of the DPW community. The whole approach inspires me. I now start my days with a small daily painting work, before I go back to my other painting projects with a stronger energy and creativity.

Bienvenue, thank you for visiting my gallery.