Arlene Crafton

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My love of art dates back to childhood. As a child and teen, I never went anywhere without my bag of "drawing stuff" -- pencils, pens, charcoal, paper and magazines for reference photos. I took all the art classes I could in school. However, as often happens, the demands of family and life took over and, unfortunately, I found very little time to devote to it for many years. It was never far from my mind though, as evident by an ever-expanding collection of art books! Ultimately, I reached the point several years ago where I could not exist another day without art in my life. With great joy and much encouragement from my family, art again began to play a significant role in my life, eventually creating art full-time. This time, I also chose to work in color, taking the leap from working strictly in black and white. Pastels and colored pencils have become two favorite mediums.

My subject matter varies widely, whatever catches my eye and imagination. A definite favorite is old rusty trucks and cars -- so much character. But, I don't limit my subject matter. Often an object or scene just calls out to be painted for whatever reason. As long as I'm creating, I'm happy!

I hope that as you view my work, the joy I feel in creating it is apparent!

Prints of my work and other products are available through arlene-crafton.artistwebsites.com