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Barb Kirpluk

My name is River and I'm a Shetland Sheepdog. That's my hooman holding me. She paints pictures of stuff. I think mostly nature, animals, and birds. I'm not sure because she won't let me in the room where she works. She says I might eat the funny color toothpaste in the tubes she uses to paint with. I wouldn't!!!! I'd only chew on the wood handles of the brushes she uses. So I just wait for her until she is done being silly with her paints. Then we can go for a walk. Sometimes she takes me with her to her art shows where people pet me, and stare at a wall with the pictures on it. I like the part where I get cookies. My hooman asked me to write this for her because really she just likes to paint, and she hopes you will see something you find a connection with. That's what makes her happy.