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Barb Benik Studio

My art covers traditional mediums including pencil, pen and ink, acrylic, oil, watercolor and digital art. As a lifelong doodler, I always have sketching materials on hand. I paint for personal satisfaction and occasionally post a piece for sale.

Florals, Landscapes, Animals, and Birds are a few of the subjects in my work. In 2017, I acquired a motion activated camera to photograph the birds in our backyard, and I use some of those photos as reference materials for drawings and paintings. A video camera was added to the backyard habitat in 2021.

We moved to Fort Collins in 2016 and have undertaken a garden renovation that has rekindled my love of bird watching. Our ongoing goal is to enhance the wildlife habitat in order to attract pollinators and increase the variety of visiting bird species. The garden provides inspiration and is an outdoor studio for creating art. Water features were added, and the goal now is to have the backyard certified as a wildlife habitat. 

I was a contributing artist for the Tails of the Painted Cats fundraiser in 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2021. My donations included painted cat sculptures and cat-themed paintings. Tails of the Painted Cats is an extravaganza of feline art that is created and donated by artists in the Denver, Colorado region. This unique fundraiser benefits Cat Care Society (CCS), a cageless shelter for homeless, abandoned and abused cats in the Denver metro area. 

In 2020, I began using the iPad app Procreate to create digital art on which I base traditional media pieces.  It has become a huge time saver in my artistic journey, and I encourage other artists to try this digital tool.

Going into 2021 my goal is to paint more of our birds in both acrylic and oil. Best wishes this new year!