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I am an oil and acrylic painter and teacher. I live on a small horse farm in northern Illinois with 2 goats (Anna Banana and Peppermint Patty), 3 horses and 2 Italian Greyhounds (Penne and Rigatoni). I have a great husband who is also creative in many other ways (science, music, woodworking and goat cheese). We feel so fortunate to be doing the things we love.

For me, painting helps me look at life more closely. I appreciate the amazing world we live in more because of it. To study the landscape before me or the intricacy of a petal or leaf is a privilege each day.

I have been teaching drawing and painting for almost 20 years and have studied with artists all over the U.S. I am a life-long learner in many areas I love to pass on the knowledge I've acquired. It makes me happy to see my students learn and grow as well as feel good about their art. We all have our own individual journey and that is a beautiful thing!

"I am interested in art as a means of living a life; not as a means of making a living." -Robert Henri

Barbara Wagner
The Wooden Canvas Studio
Antioch, IL