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Originally from New England, Belinda Del Pesco  grew up in a family of immigré artists and inventors, where creativity was encouraged and seasoned by cultural influences from Italy, France, England and Canada. After earning a degree at the University of Massachusetts, she headed west, and set her artistic affinities aside to work in Communications in the Entertainment Industry. 


After a decade-long hiatus from art, a casual invitation to paint plein air re-ignited her love for watercolors, and she left the corporate world to paint full time. Since then, she's won numerous awards and commissions, and her paintings are in corporate and private collections in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States.


Belinda works in the classical tradition of figure, landscape and still life painting. She divides her time between watercolor painting and printmaking, and produces a series of intaglio and relief prints in small editions. A life-long fascination with the nuances of the face and figure, and seasonal changes in natural light on everyday objects and interiors has been a constant source of inspiration. These ingredients, combined with her affinity for the artistic traditions of the late 19th and early 20th century, create a spirited appetite to paint insightful interpretations of what she sees every day.


New art, and art-making process is published on her blog belindadelpesco.com and her YouTube channel: youtube.com/bdelpesco -  Online classes in watercolor and printmaking can be found in her online school www.BelindaTips.com