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Beverly Boren
I am a full time artist, living in Trophy Club, Texas.  Years ago, my passion for painting was fueled by various artists' demonstrations and workshops performed for local groups near me.  As I progressed, I always tried to take what I learned and make my own statement using various mediums to express my creativity.  Capturing that "Just so" look of a model, the fleeting light of a landscape, or the beautiful face of a child has never lost its appeal to me.  Over time, I have traveled to many parts of the country to capture those elusive local atmospheres that intrigue me.  Charcoal, pastels, watercolors, oils; all have been used to capture the mood of what I am feeling at the time.  I have been blessed to have been helped by so many who have been willing to share their knowledge along the way.  I paint to try and capture a glimpse of what is going on in the world as I see it.  I am always pleased when something I have painted resonates with others.  For that moment, we are all in the same place.