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Bruce Bingham

I have spent a decade overseas, living in four different countries, continuing to develop my painting knowledge

and style. I can happily say my work is privately and corporately collected in fourteen different countries and all 

over the US.  Art really is a universal language that surpasses our cultural differences and unites us through 

beauty and  color harmony.

I’m fortunate to have visited some spectacular places around the world.   The sights and events which

surround me each day can be so intriguing. Every country has its own personality and local rhythm.

I’m always drawn to the open markets, cafes and street scenes, yet the more I explore other cultures it

becomes more apparent that we are so similar.  I appreciate the beauty found in household objects, or

people in candid poses performing everyday tasks.  Regardless of subject matter, I’m always translating

my surroundings into an artistic vocabulary that is really concerned with composition, values, shapes,

texture, color and edge. For me, making art is a lot like learning an additional language, the path to find

fluency is rewarding as well as challenging.