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Hi and welcome to my website.  I have been painting for the last 7 years and am also an acupuncturist. My family includes my husband, Harry, a wonderful, smart and supportive man; two fabulous adult kids who are also creative: a son, Christoper, and a daughter, Jane.  


I am awestruck by our natural world, from its rivers and lakes to its mountains, plains, deserts, and oceans. Outdoor activities beckon me, from camping to hiking to bike riding.  Discovering the presence of animals in the wild and on the farm is a special thrill. I practice a form of acupuncture that is all about supporting health through using our understanding of how all beings are one with nature.  You can learn more about my practice at www.acupuncturearts.net.


I became an observer and active participator in nature from a very early age.  I was never home, but spent much of my childhood exploring the out of doors.  Every summer, my father took the family on a 2 week tent-camping vacation to some exotic unexplored lands and we usually stayed at national parks.  Experiences like this remain very clear in my memory and impress upon me that respecting and caring for our incredible earth is essential in maintaining life.


I have vivid memories of standing on a hillside in Nova Scotia, looking down at the ocean, and hearing the sound of bagpipes permeating the air in the camp ground.  We visited the Boy of Fundy with it's remarkabe tides.  Seeing the high water marks and the power of the returning tide was utterly astounding.  I was saddened to see Lake Eire in the 1970s before many of the EPA's regulations.  The appearance of this water system left a deep impression.   


I paint now because capturing my experience of nature gives me peace, and because I hope that the viewer might connect with their own feeling of having been there also.  I am mostly self-taught and painted intuitively for many years.  Recently I have begun studying more seriously with a local abstract artist and a landscape painter.  Three of my paintings were accepted in local shows with the Howard County Nature Conservancy 2019 and the Howard County Center for the Arts 2019, 2020and 221.  I have had 2 paintings accepted in the juried "Local Color 2020, 2021" show at The Artists Gallery in Ellicott City, MD. 


Please like my page if you like my work.  Thank you for taking a moment to read this bio.

CJ Schwarz