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Carlos Arriola

I was in the Hotel Industry for over 40 years. At High School time I found that I had a certain inclination for painting and start slowly doing some landscapes with pencils. After University and Hotel school in Lisbon, Hotel and Motel School of the Michigan Stete University and later in Menphis H.I. University, my professional hotel management expertise brought me to several management position up to Executive V.P. of Operations of a hotel company.These increased professionals responsabilities didn't gave me the opportinity of dedicating more time to my paintings, which became an hobby. Never had the courage of embracing prefessionally my painting dream: to became a full time artist. So...I kept painting on and off for many years and gave all my paintings to family and close friends. A few years ago I decide to retire from such beautiful but possessive profession and restart painting almost on a daily basis....an now I am doing what I love most: PAINTING !!!

Although I use oils and acrylics, I discover a few years ago this fantastic medium that I like so much: Soft Pastels