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Painting Florence People/City-scapes
May 14 - 23, 2019 (10 days)
FYI: This will be my last workshop for the foreseeable future. I am ready to spend more time on my own work, and with my family. Thank you for understanding!


For this workshop we will be spending 10 days in beautiful Florence (this includes arrival and departure days)! We will spend some of the time roaming the streets, collecting reference material. Then we will head back to the studio to learn and paint together from our photos. I will show you ways to take better photos, cull through them more effectively, edit your photos, and paint from them in ways that don't make it obvious you were working from photos. You will receive handouts about everything we cover.

In addition to learning and painting, we will sprinkle in a few touristy outings that revolve around eating, drinking and shopping in Italy! : )