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Artist Statement:

Painting brings me joy. I feel energized by the challenge of depicting things in paint. What started as a daily practice in skill development led to a love of creating small, painterly portrayals of whatever fruits and vegetables we have on hand. I work primarily in acrylic on hardboard panels, using thick brushstrokes and vibrant colors. 

My landscapes are almost exclusively done outdoors. Painting en plein air is a form of meditation for me, and I love nothing more than immersing myself in the surrounding environment. Many of these paintings are done on my in-laws’ farm in west-central Minnesota, while a few are from around our home in the Twin Cities or on regional vacations. 



I took art (specifically painting) seriously in high school and college, but largely set it aside to become an educator and raise children. A few years ago, I came across the idea of “daily painting” through the work of artist Carole Marine and was hooked on the idea. Apart from a few plein air studies, most of these little paintings were done on the kitchen counter during nap time, or after my kids went to bed. My boys are currently 3 & 5-years-old, so I am increasingly able to paint while they play, both indoors and out. I work out of my home in St. Paul, MN.


Awards & Honors:

  • Second Place, "Harvest of Art" Juried Exhibition, Eagan Art House 2019
  • Eliza M Drew Award for Painting, Hamline University 2004
  • Women's Art Institute Scholarship 2003