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Carrie Arnold

I am a painter, educator and mother of two littles, living in St. Paul, Minnesota. The collection of small works on this site represent a recent commitment I’ve made to get back into artmaking in a way that fit into my current life- painting small and often to increase my skills while making the most of the very small pockets of time I have available.

I took art (specifically painting) seriously in high school and college, but largely set it aside to become an educator and raise children. A few years ago I came across the idea of “daily painting” through the work of artist Carole Marine, and was hooked on the idea.

Apart from a few plein air studies, most of these little paintings were done on the kitchen counter during nap time, or after my kids went to bed. My current work is primarily in acrylics, since I can quickly and easily set up and clean up painting projects – I hope to get back into oil painting, and painting outdoors, when I have larger blocks of time available.

At this point, my little “daily paintings” are beginning to pile up, and I decided some of them deserve new homes. Thank you for taking the time to look them over!