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With studios in Ann Arbor and Traverse City, Michigan, Carrie Hensel’s impressionistic landscape paintings are a joyful and vibrant celebration of the interconnectedness of the natural world she’s spent so much of her life observing with loving curiosity and wonder. 


Carrie spends countless hours in the great outdoors, hunting for morels, chanterelles, and other miraculous finds. As the artist describes it - “With both foraging and painting, I feel called to search, root around, feel afraid that I’m lost in a deep thicket, and then by some intuition find a new way out and bring a treasure with me.”


Growing up on a small farm in Midland, Michigan, Carrie roamed the woods, orchards, and fields every day. Carrie earned a BFA (Painting & Drawing) from the University of Michigan and a BS in Chemistry from Albion College. She has worked in the sciences & healthcare, owned a marketing company, and consulted across industries with a focus on translating complex information (data, biochemistry, medical care, etc.) so it is relatable and readily understandable, both verbally and visually.