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Catherine Clancy

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Growing up, Catherine Clancy never believed she could draw. Although she took some art classes in college, the idea of not being a good artist stayed with her. It wasn't until she did all of the exercises in the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards that she discovered she could surprisingly draw. After that, she began taking classes at the Art Student's League in Denver. At the time, she mainly focused on drawing and painting in pastel. After hitting a plateau, she quit art altogether, and it wasn't until she saw her daughter's whimsical drawings that she became reignited to pursue art again. Catherine switched over to oils and hasn't looked back since. She enjoys painting people, animals, and is currently trying her hand at still lifes, too. She considers herself an impressionistic realism painter. When painting animals, capturing the spirit of the animal is more important to her than getting an exact likeness; however, many people have commented that they thought they were looking at a photograph and not a painting. She credits her growth as an artist to her teacher Mitch Caster and the teachers at Watts Atelier and Studio Second Street.

Catherine also writes for her blog about meditation, visualization, and exercises for opening your heart to create space for joy and creativity. http://catherinesmindfulcreations.com/